Wednesday, January 18, 2017

S L A C K E R, yes!

This is what happens when life gets in the way :)  Nothing Earth shattering to blog about we are just enjoying life.  Here are a few pics to give up an update
Love Love the new floors!
On the left, old floors-on the right new floors.  We had to replace our floor after only a few months of being down (covered by the company)

We get to see this deer quite frequently walking around our new place.....Mia and Meadow love her.

A day with my crew.

Practicing her kitchen skills

Fun at a birthday party

Some new jammies.........probably will only wear them once or twice down here-it's been a crazy hot winter.

Meadows favorite spot

Christmas with the fam.....excuse my green clogs, I had to get comfy.

Sing was a great movie......we had a girls day out!

Deep conversations between these 2.