Monday, August 11, 2014

Big girl bed!

Saturday while out and about Gordon decided to go look at Big Girl beds - well you all know how this ended.  Sorry there was a glare in the room but didn't have time to get my  regular camera out.
The assembly has begun
New bed has arrived, inspector is checking it out for "bounce"
100 Good Wishes quite finally out of the closet
Checking out each square, and of course we had to get out the book to match the fabric to the wish.  
1st big night-notice the pillows of the sides, this was before I added more.  She didn't fall out :)
This is what Meadow our Great Dane thought of having the crib mattress in her crate.
Kiss up!

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Christine said...

Great job Mia! Bed looks so pretty and the quilt is beatiful! Guess Meadow didnt care for the crate redecorating...hehe