Sunday, February 02, 2014

3 years ago today

3 years ago I was sitting glued to my laptop watching the DHL tracking site and Rumor Queen to get the most up to date information on the referral of our daughter.
 On this day there was a huge snow storm that kept the planes grounded and our referral sat in the DHL airplane for an additional 24 hours. UGH!
 I sat in my kitchen in agony waiting to see the DHL tracking site update - which it did not until the next day.  I must have called in sick this day (since it was a weekday) and the next in anticipation of receiving "the call".

As I am updating this blog today Mia is currently snoozing away upstairs in her room, all snug as a bug cuddling her giraffe and surrounded by all her stuffed animals.    I am choked up even today remembering the feelings experienced over those 24 hours of waiting.   Tomorrow marks 3 years since receiving our referral, where did the time go?  I almost can't Oh yes I can  remember the 5 long years of waiting but it is far behind us now.  I am sad for the other families that are still waiting.  Our LID was June 2 2006 and China is just now working on placing LIDS from November 3 years they have only placed 5 MONTHS of referrals.  So upsetting for those waiting.

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Christine said...

Happy Referral Day! I can't believe that time is passing by so quickly. We are blessed to have our little angels and I cant remember life with our them.