Friday, October 25, 2013

School pictures & Glasses

Mia, School Pictures

Ok, school pics aren't the best-she is squinting but still pretty darn cute if I say so myself!
Here is a compilation of Mia since starting school in 2011
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Still the same smile, more & more expression each year.  She is such a happy girl.  Next year we will be in our new glasses for school pictures.

She's such a ham.

I have to admit I was quite upset at first when we were told she needed glasses.  After having bilateral strabismus surgery  last year and having 2 follow up visits with 20/20 vision (even just 3 months ago)& no mention of problems  we were surprised to hear that she is now having vision problems. I had been told by my own eye doctor (when we first got home) that I shouldn't be surprised if Mia ended up wearing glasses in the future, I just didn't believe him.  Apparently it is common with Asian children to develop poor eyesight.  I can't find a good article to back this up but there are some startling statistics here. 
Mia's eye surgeon told us that because of the shape of her eyes (Asian eyes), she has Astigmatism and will now have to wear glasses.  She is a trooper and could care less if she has to wear them, I'm so proud of her.  Here is the pair we (all of us) picked out.


Christine said...

Simply adorable!!!

We love you Mia!!!!

Happy upcoming 4th birthday!!!

Love, Aunt Christine, Uncle John & Hannah

Cora Huffman said...

What a Cutie! She looks happy to wear her new glasses.