Monday, October 28, 2013

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Mia's birthday officially falls on Halloween but I think she is still a little to young to appreciate a party on that day so we had a Doc Mcstuffins theme party this weekend.  Huge success!

  Are you ready for some pictures........................
lab coats made from small men's t-shirts and embroidered

Cake topper made by a co-worker on the fire department

I decided they graduated up to a big table this year-fancy

YES, I did dress up in Doc McStuffins colors too.

everyone had an ID tag to wear too

We stuffed teddy bears

and dressed up as Doc 

No birthday is complete without a crown for the birthday girl

Mia had decided she wanted a pink bear to stuff

ready to hit that pinata

2nd pinata......was a pull tab pinata which didn't work soooooooo

Whamooooo, Tyler saved the day

He looks so proud doesn't he 

My girl collecting all of the beads-forget about the candy she wants jewels

My beautiful Cheese display - thank you Pinterest for all the great ideas.

I made the topper to match the invitations, Publix made the cake(s)  Don't look too close, the sheet cake was quite lopsided but still tasted great

Cookies from Etsy " Sugary Sweet Cookies"

Made by Dan Rankin, FF for SCFD/artist designer for  "A Slice of Heaven"  Cake Co.

Blow up operation game found on Amazon

Playhouse daddy made, occupied by my work partner Kerri & our friend Joy

the girls hanging out in the playhouse

Yep, another Pinata-made by mommy

Cake:  Publix
Edible image:  designed by mommy and sent design off to Etsy  Top a Cake Toppers & Design
Doc McStuffins Cake topper:  Dan Rankin  A Slice of Heaven
Doc McStuffins cookies:  Etsy  Sugary Sweet Cookies
Pretzels:  by mommy-pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and covered in purple and pink sprinkles.
Cheese tray:  by mommy

ID badge holders:  Etsy  In the Hoop Boutique  (Actual ID designed in CS6 by mommy)
Labcoats:  Men's small V-neck t-shirts (cut down the center sewn, hemed then embroided by mommy)

Mia's cute pinkflower headband:  Etsy  Stella Gray Boutique
Mia's Doc McStuffins Tights and stripped shirt :  Old Navy
Mia's sparkly pink shoes:  Old Navy
Mommy's pink shorts:  Amazon, US Polo Berry Bermuda Shorts
Mommy's stripped shirt:  Old Navy
Mommy's pink heels:  BCBG

Inflatable Operation Game:  Amazon "Silly Surgery Inflatable Game"
Pink and Purple Lanterns:  Oriental Trading 
Table linens and chair sashes:  Linen Tablecloth  (love this company, great products and very fast delivery)
Disposable stethoscopes:  Found on Ebay
DocMcstuffins balloon:  found on E-bay
White bags with Red Crosses:  White bags & red felt by Michaels craft store  Cross cut out of felt and              glued to the bags then bags were filled with polyfill for bear stuffing
Teddy bears for stuffing:  The Zoo Factory (these were well made and totally adorable)
Birth certificates for the bears:  Made by mommy
Bandaids: made by mommy out of felt idea found here  Pink and Green Mama
Bandaid boxes:  Found idea and printables on Pinterest here at Sowing3seeds
Birthday crown:  made by mommy out of felt
Bunny napkins:  folded by mommy, design found on a Pinterest Board
DocMcstuffins clinic sign:  Made by mommy, free printable picture on Disney Jr
Glittery #4 candle:  dollar store candle, used glue and glitter around the edges to make it sparkle.
Canvas tote gift bags:  made and embroidered by mommy.

If there is anything you can't find the link for leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll get you the info.

This party was a success thanks to all the ideas I got on Pinterest over the last few months, what did we ever do before Pinterest???


Christine said...

Everything looks amazing! You did a great job!!! Happy 4th Birthday Mia!!! We love you!!!

Love and Kisses,

Aunt Christine, Uncle John, & Hannah

Tricia Hart said...

how did you do the lab coats from men's white t-shirts???!!! I love them and need some for my girl's 3rd bday party in a week and a half and don't want to buy them.

GGHadden said...

I used small men's white v neck t- shirts....Hanes or Fruit of the loom something that wont rip.
Wash them, fold in half lengthwise and mark the center from the bottom of the v-neck to the hem at the bottom and cut a straight line from the v neck to the bottom. Be careful not to stretch the material, I used a rotary cutter. Then fold in a hem about 1" on each side, starch and sew (from the center of the V-neck where you just cut down to the bottom, this will make it look more like a jacket. Starch doesn't work too well on t-shirts but a little works fine just use a cloth between your iron and your shirt or it will burn (burnt one then I learned)
Do the same for the sleeves (hem them up a little)
For about 20$ I made one for each child. The one Mia is wearing I purchased, it's a Doc McStuffins labcoat.
My work partner has an embroidery machine at our station so I had the luxury of personalizing them too :)
Good luck.