Thursday, October 31, 2013

No fear

As you can see, she has no fear of Meadow and Meadow is very gentle with Mia.  Now with that said when Meadow is tearing through the backyard Mia has to move up against the fence or she will take her out :)

She is just making up words here so don't bother trying to understand her.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Mia's birthday officially falls on Halloween but I think she is still a little to young to appreciate a party on that day so we had a Doc Mcstuffins theme party this weekend.  Huge success!

  Are you ready for some pictures........................
lab coats made from small men's t-shirts and embroidered

Cake topper made by a co-worker on the fire department

I decided they graduated up to a big table this year-fancy

YES, I did dress up in Doc McStuffins colors too.

everyone had an ID tag to wear too

We stuffed teddy bears

and dressed up as Doc 

No birthday is complete without a crown for the birthday girl

Mia had decided she wanted a pink bear to stuff

ready to hit that pinata

2nd pinata......was a pull tab pinata which didn't work soooooooo

Whamooooo, Tyler saved the day

He looks so proud doesn't he 

My girl collecting all of the beads-forget about the candy she wants jewels

My beautiful Cheese display - thank you Pinterest for all the great ideas.

I made the topper to match the invitations, Publix made the cake(s)  Don't look too close, the sheet cake was quite lopsided but still tasted great

Cookies from Etsy " Sugary Sweet Cookies"

Made by Dan Rankin, FF for SCFD/artist designer for  "A Slice of Heaven"  Cake Co.

Blow up operation game found on Amazon

Playhouse daddy made, occupied by my work partner Kerri & our friend Joy

the girls hanging out in the playhouse

Yep, another Pinata-made by mommy

Cake:  Publix
Edible image:  designed by mommy and sent design off to Etsy  Top a Cake Toppers & Design
Doc McStuffins Cake topper:  Dan Rankin  A Slice of Heaven
Doc McStuffins cookies:  Etsy  Sugary Sweet Cookies
Pretzels:  by mommy-pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and covered in purple and pink sprinkles.
Cheese tray:  by mommy

ID badge holders:  Etsy  In the Hoop Boutique  (Actual ID designed in CS6 by mommy)
Labcoats:  Men's small V-neck t-shirts (cut down the center sewn, hemed then embroided by mommy)

Mia's cute pinkflower headband:  Etsy  Stella Gray Boutique
Mia's Doc McStuffins Tights and stripped shirt :  Old Navy
Mia's sparkly pink shoes:  Old Navy
Mommy's pink shorts:  Amazon, US Polo Berry Bermuda Shorts
Mommy's stripped shirt:  Old Navy
Mommy's pink heels:  BCBG

Inflatable Operation Game:  Amazon "Silly Surgery Inflatable Game"
Pink and Purple Lanterns:  Oriental Trading 
Table linens and chair sashes:  Linen Tablecloth  (love this company, great products and very fast delivery)
Disposable stethoscopes:  Found on Ebay
DocMcstuffins balloon:  found on E-bay
White bags with Red Crosses:  White bags & red felt by Michaels craft store  Cross cut out of felt and              glued to the bags then bags were filled with polyfill for bear stuffing
Teddy bears for stuffing:  The Zoo Factory (these were well made and totally adorable)
Birth certificates for the bears:  Made by mommy
Bandaids: made by mommy out of felt idea found here  Pink and Green Mama
Bandaid boxes:  Found idea and printables on Pinterest here at Sowing3seeds
Birthday crown:  made by mommy out of felt
Bunny napkins:  folded by mommy, design found on a Pinterest Board
DocMcstuffins clinic sign:  Made by mommy, free printable picture on Disney Jr
Glittery #4 candle:  dollar store candle, used glue and glitter around the edges to make it sparkle.
Canvas tote gift bags:  made and embroidered by mommy.

If there is anything you can't find the link for leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll get you the info.

This party was a success thanks to all the ideas I got on Pinterest over the last few months, what did we ever do before Pinterest???