Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest idea-Pin Win!

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Yes, once again I have been drawn in by another super cute Pinterest idea.  Won't be making this again anytime soon either!  It is uber cute though :)
 Here is the page that started it all..............Make it & Love it.  Have's not easy sewing on super soft t-shirt material.
This is a men's small t-shirt I got at Target (a 2 pack for 11.99-I totally trashed the first one).  The red and pink on the heart are from t-shirts that were given to me from my work partner (she like to see me suffer when I try new projects so she's all in).  The bottom ruffle was my twist to this dress, Mia likes ruffles-100% cotton material.

Next time I think if I were to EVER make this again I would buy a big kids t-shirt or even modify a dress-not going to make my own sleeves again, ugh.  This is still a little too long soooooo tomorrow I am going to rip out all of my itty bitty stiches on the bottom and make it shorter :( please kill me now......... painful.

It did turn out cute, I would have to say this is a Pin Win but I will Never-EVER make it again.  Making the ruffle was easy peasy, sewing the ruffle heart on to super soft t-shirt material-NOT SO MUCH.


Christine said...

Wow, you never cease to amaze me! Awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Far superior to the original!