Sunday, February 24, 2013

A night out..............finally

Mommy & Daddy had a night out in Tampa for a wedding.
  This is only the 2nd time in 2 years we have been out without Mia.  She stayed with Nana and of course didn't go to sleep and was up past midnight waiting for our arrival home.  Let me add that she still woke this am at 0630 :(  

backdrop for the ceremony...beautiful

These 2 penguins actually walked down the isle after the ceremony but I was too slow with the cam.

special appearance by the Penguins

Father of the Bride with his favorite Gator-they are HUGE Gator fans.

Father daughter dance

Father of the bride "Gibby" and his lovely wife Donna...getting ready to go into the photo booth.

Gordon and former co-worker Ted Lang
I'm not too excited to be standing this close to the gator.

Steve "Gator Gibby" Gibson, father of the bride and a great friend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Mia's Valentines for her classmates 

*No, I didn't make this dress-should have, it would have been much easier than the last one :)  This dress is from Etsy..............All about the glam.
Valentines cards are by me :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest idea-Pin Win!

Join the great "Pinstrosiversary Challenge"! You know you want to.

Yes, once again I have been drawn in by another super cute Pinterest idea.  Won't be making this again anytime soon either!  It is uber cute though :)
 Here is the page that started it all..............Make it & Love it.  Have's not easy sewing on super soft t-shirt material.
This is a men's small t-shirt I got at Target (a 2 pack for 11.99-I totally trashed the first one).  The red and pink on the heart are from t-shirts that were given to me from my work partner (she like to see me suffer when I try new projects so she's all in).  The bottom ruffle was my twist to this dress, Mia likes ruffles-100% cotton material.

Next time I think if I were to EVER make this again I would buy a big kids t-shirt or even modify a dress-not going to make my own sleeves again, ugh.  This is still a little too long soooooo tomorrow I am going to rip out all of my itty bitty stiches on the bottom and make it shorter :( please kill me now......... painful.

It did turn out cute, I would have to say this is a Pin Win but I will Never-EVER make it again.  Making the ruffle was easy peasy, sewing the ruffle heart on to super soft t-shirt material-NOT SO MUCH.