Thursday, January 24, 2013

Look at those eyes

Perfectly straight!  Thank God surgery was a success.

She is always so happy.  Not always following directions but always happy :)  This past week I got my first "note" from the teachers..... "Mia has had a rough time listening to her teachers"   WELL DUH, she's 3 and really pushing it all the way :)  Welcome to our world.
Seriously, I have had to "lay down the law" a few times and it isn't pretty-I hate to always tell her no.  Hopefully this is just a "spurt" and she will move on through this stage quickly.

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Laurie said...

Just catching up here...glad the surgery was a success.

We've got a spicy girl on our hand here too-she just doesn't know she's not in charge of everyone and everything!

Love the swing photos.