Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Up your nose with a WHAT????????????

Yep, I got the call today.  My little princess shoved stuck a pea up her nose and they (daycare) couldn't get her to blow it out. FYI....Mia doesn't blow out when you ask her to she sucks in - sigh.

So, here I am....on my way to the hospital with a patient (stable patient) in the back of my ambulance when my phone starts ringing....I hit mute like I always do when there is a patient.  Well, after multiple calls in a 5 minute period (and  I mean multiple)  I looked at my cell and there were calls from daycare AND my husband (who by the way was at work, in MRI WITH a sedated patient on his exam table).  A little panic hit and I had my partner call my husband to see what was going on.  He said daycare called him because they couldn't reach me and said "Hi, Mia is ok just need someone to come and take the pea out of her nose".  OK this is a first for us....we take care of patients-strangers- strangers kids--not our own child....our child would never do that.  We are now PROUD members of the "she did that?" club!  We did laugh at first, really they cant get a pea out of her nose?  I was relieved to hear that she hadn't fallen off the jungle gym and broken anything.  Good thing daycare is just a block away from the hospital.

After I off loaded my patient in the ER we (my work partner - Kerri & I) headed over to the daycare (in the ambulance I might add).  You always make a statement when you pull an ambulance into a daycare-frantic faces appear.  There I find Mia, happy as a lark not only with a pea stuck waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in her left nare but I see a bruise  - ok it's a shiner- on the right upper lip.  Now that upper lip got me more excited than the pea did.  I asked Mia what happened to her lip (now swollen and pretty colors) and she responded with "I got hit by the horsey" ?????????  horse?  I will find out more about that later.  I took her into my ambulance-she has been wanting to see the inside of a rescue and this was the perfect opportunity for her to see where mommy works.  She was a trooper, didn't cry or even whimper she just sat real still, let me look up in her nose with a light and pull the pea out with my handy dandy hemostat. Of course I had to let my partner take a peak too (I know....that's what paramedics are like-gotta see everything)
Pea out, pictures taken and back into daycare we go with the all important question, where's the horse?

Mia and her playmate were playing on one of those "springy horses" you know the steel ones you see at the park - yep....that one.  She was at the front while someone was rocking on it and whamo right in the kisser-she got it!
  I'm not sure how to handle all of these lumps, bumps and bruises............I have a little girl-a sweet little girl who apparently is a tom boy to the 100th degree!

Here's a few pics for your viewing pleasure.  Oh I can't wait til she grows up and I get to tell this story to her :)


Christine said...

Glad to hear that all is well with the little Princess! From the title of the post till the end you had me cracking up! Great recap! By the way that's one heck of a way to get out of eating your peas!

Cora Huffman said...

Glad to hear you got it out just fine. Chloe is constantly bruised or scratched from something, half the time we have no idea where they come from.

Laurie said...

Too funny! How handy that you can take care of these things yourself, Gina!
Yup, we're full of bruises here all the time too.