Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday'ween

Today is Mia's actual birthday, she is now 3...OMG where did the past 1+ go???
This evening we spent the evening with our good friends Steve, Denise and their 2 boys Zack & Tyler.  The boys were all ready to show Mia how trick or treating is to be done.  We went with them last year but she was too young to figure out what the treat is.  This year she was all about the chocolate/candy.  We took Meadow along for the evening, she did very well.

It was a little cool tonight so we had to add a long sleeve shirt and leggings

Zack is telling her the strategy for the evening

Not easy getting all 3 to look at a camera

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Cora Huffman said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun Trick or treating, I know Chloe really got into it this year!