Monday, October 22, 2012

13 week check up

Meadow is now 41 lbs and 22 inches tall :)  She is going to be a big HUGE girl.  Over the past week she gained 8 lbs and grew 2 inches.  Yes, we know what we are in for, it's just been a very long time since we had a Dane puppy in the house (12 years).
 So far Mia and Meadow are best buds.  Every morning Mia wakes before her alarm and is standing at the top of the staircase asking for Meadow.  In the evenings after Meadow takes a walk Mia tells her "go upstairs Meadow" and up they go.  Usually Meadow plops herself on Mia's "beenchair" and snoozes until mommy comes up and brings her back downstairs for the night.

Bonding time, Mia is feeding Meadow sticks

 Mia decided she was going to help daddy this weekend.............I think the blower was a tad bit heavy for her.  I am trying to let her hair grow and NOT put it up in ponies and she actually likes her hair in her face-crazy girl.
"I got it mommy"


Christine said...

Finally...a have been waiting for new update :)

They are both so cute! Love them both!

Cora Huffman said...

Awwww...Chloe wants to come see Mia and Meadow, I told her that maybe someday but they are far far far away. She said "oh that is really sad"