Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday'ween

Today is Mia's actual birthday, she is now 3...OMG where did the past 1+ go???
This evening we spent the evening with our good friends Steve, Denise and their 2 boys Zack & Tyler.  The boys were all ready to show Mia how trick or treating is to be done.  We went with them last year but she was too young to figure out what the treat is.  This year she was all about the chocolate/candy.  We took Meadow along for the evening, she did very well.

It was a little cool tonight so we had to add a long sleeve shirt and leggings

Zack is telling her the strategy for the evening

Not easy getting all 3 to look at a camera

Party videos

Monday, October 29, 2012


We had a birthday party yesterday for Mia, her birthday is actually on Halloween.
Cake, food, friends and fun!!!  Even the dog got into the fun.  I will be posting pictures to this post over the next few days-I took over 900 pics so there is a bit of time to process as you can imagine-and I seem to have lost my skills sooooooooooooooo some of the pics are not so clear.

I found a picture of the cake I wanted and had a local bakery here make it for us.  The Characters are from an Etsy shop and they made it here all the way from California without a glitch.  Mia's outfit also came from an Etsy shop   I can't say enough great things about these 2 shops, as you can see her outfit is beautiful and the Kai Lan characters are just perfect!
Oh, there is a bunch of stuff that I made (found on Pinterest of course)  Rice Crispy Sushi, Cho dipped Marshmallows, Pinata (2), crowns, Embroidered the table cloths, Custom M&M's with Mia's pictures all them as well as the invitation that took me weeks to decide on just how I was going to make it.  I am glad to see this party has come and gone, it is exhausting to try and make /do everything I see- AND I started planning this party over 6 months ago!

Our theme..........what else ?  Kai Lan.  

Bitty baby (American Girl) from Uncle Steve & Aunt Raine

Uncle Peanut's gift

Spencer & Mia

Terri and Dakota

Mia's boyfriend Finn from Daycare....she makes sure he sits next to her everywhere.

Mia & Finn

Mia & Kathleen

It's not a party til someones crying.

Mia is plucking out the M&Ms with her picture on them.
Yep, the dog joined in on the fun!

Monday, October 22, 2012

13 week check up

Meadow is now 41 lbs and 22 inches tall :)  She is going to be a big HUGE girl.  Over the past week she gained 8 lbs and grew 2 inches.  Yes, we know what we are in for, it's just been a very long time since we had a Dane puppy in the house (12 years).
 So far Mia and Meadow are best buds.  Every morning Mia wakes before her alarm and is standing at the top of the staircase asking for Meadow.  In the evenings after Meadow takes a walk Mia tells her "go upstairs Meadow" and up they go.  Usually Meadow plops herself on Mia's "beenchair" and snoozes until mommy comes up and brings her back downstairs for the night.

Bonding time, Mia is feeding Meadow sticks

 Mia decided she was going to help daddy this weekend.............I think the blower was a tad bit heavy for her.  I am trying to let her hair grow and NOT put it up in ponies and she actually likes her hair in her face-crazy girl.
"I got it mommy"

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Newest addition

Meet Meadow, she is our 11 week old Great Dane puppy :)  Mia is very curious about her but it wasn't love at first was howls & cries - all is good now in the household.


There are no words I can use to describe the scene I worked yesterday.  Here is a picture of the largest wreck I could never imagine working.  My rescue is R-17 and my partner Kerri and I were the first to arrive on scene.  The final total of vehicles involved over the 1/2 mile stretch is 87-damn that's a lot!  All you see in this pictures is the top of the overpass..........further south-in front of our rescue- there were 34 more vehicles.
This is the photo that had circulated the entire world before I even cleared the scene.  Every news crew known to man made their way to our location. Thankfully there were no fatalities.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Up your nose with a WHAT????????????

Yep, I got the call today.  My little princess shoved stuck a pea up her nose and they (daycare) couldn't get her to blow it out. FYI....Mia doesn't blow out when you ask her to she sucks in - sigh.

So, here I am....on my way to the hospital with a patient (stable patient) in the back of my ambulance when my phone starts ringing....I hit mute like I always do when there is a patient.  Well, after multiple calls in a 5 minute period (and  I mean multiple)  I looked at my cell and there were calls from daycare AND my husband (who by the way was at work, in MRI WITH a sedated patient on his exam table).  A little panic hit and I had my partner call my husband to see what was going on.  He said daycare called him because they couldn't reach me and said "Hi, Mia is ok just need someone to come and take the pea out of her nose".  OK this is a first for us....we take care of patients-strangers- strangers kids--not our own child....our child would never do that.  We are now PROUD members of the "she did that?" club!  We did laugh at first, really they cant get a pea out of her nose?  I was relieved to hear that she hadn't fallen off the jungle gym and broken anything.  Good thing daycare is just a block away from the hospital.

After I off loaded my patient in the ER we (my work partner - Kerri & I) headed over to the daycare (in the ambulance I might add).  You always make a statement when you pull an ambulance into a daycare-frantic faces appear.  There I find Mia, happy as a lark not only with a pea stuck waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in her left nare but I see a bruise  - ok it's a shiner- on the right upper lip.  Now that upper lip got me more excited than the pea did.  I asked Mia what happened to her lip (now swollen and pretty colors) and she responded with "I got hit by the horsey" ?????????  horse?  I will find out more about that later.  I took her into my ambulance-she has been wanting to see the inside of a rescue and this was the perfect opportunity for her to see where mommy works.  She was a trooper, didn't cry or even whimper she just sat real still, let me look up in her nose with a light and pull the pea out with my handy dandy hemostat. Of course I had to let my partner take a peak too (I know....that's what paramedics are like-gotta see everything)
Pea out, pictures taken and back into daycare we go with the all important question, where's the horse?

Mia and her playmate were playing on one of those "springy horses" you know the steel ones you see at the park - yep....that one.  She was at the front while someone was rocking on it and whamo right in the kisser-she got it!
  I'm not sure how to handle all of these lumps, bumps and bruises............I have a little girl-a sweet little girl who apparently is a tom boy to the 100th degree!

Here's a few pics for your viewing pleasure.  Oh I can't wait til she grows up and I get to tell this story to her :)