Monday, September 17, 2012

More Disney

Road trip...........lookin like the Clampetts :)
cheese........on the Monorail
Nana and Poppa on the Monorail

Mommy & front of Daisy Duck -Mia was too afraid to see her close up today

Mommy, Mia, Joy and Nana

Mommy, Mia, Joy, Nana & Poppa

Nana & Mia on Dumbo......Mia's favorite ride so far

Love this pic with Mia and Joy

Yep....look close, daddy, Mia & Poppa are riding the Magic carpet ride......Mia's 2nd favorite ride.

Nana took a spin too
Starting to get out of control...close to nap time

Daddy takes the lead, nana, poppa & Mia are behind him in the yellow car......they stalled out on the track.

Train ride back to the front of Disney, someone is spent.

Dinner, they lost some money on us tonight !!


photo bomb by poppa



Cora Huffman said...

Looks like fun, I think we need to visit :D

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

LOOKS like awesome fun. My baby girl tells her dad almost everyday, "I wanna tell you something, I wanna go to dismey lamb." He says, "Soon, baby girl, Soon!" Tell Cinderella hey for us!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

How fun!!!!!!!! I'm totally giggling at the lobster! Looks like a really great time!