Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mia meets some of the Disney characters

We visited Disney's Animal Kingdom this past weekend, here are a few photos ...............Mia did not like any of the characters close up.
The last 2 pictures with Mickey were cut from a video, sorry they aren't the most clear but then again it was difficult to get pictures of Mia scrambling away from everyone .  We met Mickey early in the morning, he was the very first and she wanted to meet him up until she was close and personal with him then all hell broke loose.  I think we even have a contender with the Christmas picture from last year with that Tigger shot.

She did enjoy herself otherwise.
Winnie the Pooh



The Donald, yep.....we never could get closer to him due to the screaming.

Minnie Mouse
Mickey Mouse

and there she goes.........

She was happy to play on the drums.


Christine said...

Poor Mia. She is still adorable screaming or not :)

Andrea said...

Is it wrong that I laughed right out loud??? At least she got semi close to them. When we were at Disney Land in June my 7 yr old wouldn't even go within 100 ft of the characters while my 9 yr old loved them all.