Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making a "Tutu" bedskirt

I have looked everywhere on the web to find specific instructions for making on of these bedskirts for a toddler bed without success sooooooooooooooo here is my "how to" way.  I wasn't about to spend big $$ to buy one.  My total cost was $10.00 ! and I have one spool left that I could actually use to add more fullness to the bedskirt if needed.

**Please excuse the lighting in my pictures, I started this before it got dark outside and the final picture was at bedtime.  I will take some more pics of the finished skirt over the weekend in bright light.


6" x 25 yards Tulle (purchased on E-bay for $2.00 a roll (I used 5)
a book............yep a book, one that is wide enough for you to wrap the tulle around.

To begin:
Wrap the tulle around the width of the book cutting only one side after the roll is completely wound on the book.  I used our "colors" book as it was the perfect size we needed.  This way will give you perfectly even strips for your entire project- fast too.

If you don't want to use a book, just measure the length you would like your "tutu" to be and cut strips (but the book is MUCH easier-trust me I tried the other way first)

Next take 1 of your strips, fold it in half (make this even) and where the loop is-hold that at the top and tuck it behind your bar and bring up the other 2 ends towards the front of your bar and wrap them thru the top loop.  Repeat a bazillion times to get the desired fullness.  Make sense?  Hopefully the pics will help.

Mia was very excited to have a "Tutu" for her bed.
Click on the picture for a larger view

She couldn't wait to sleep in the bed tonight :)

Updated pictures 9.15.2012

I think I need to re-calibrate my monitor.........hope the colors look ok on your end.  The bedskirt is yellow with a few super light yellow added in here and there.

*********UPDATE 8/2014********************
I am working on a full size bed tutu and will post DIY instructions as soon as I figure it out for you :)

For my full/double bed Tutu Bed skirt tutorial click here 

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Christine said...

Girl, you are amazing! Cool idea!