Sunday, September 30, 2012

A few pics for you

Her Halloween Butterfly costume......but with different shoes 

Cheesey smile


Christine said...


She is just so cute and her costume is adorable!!!

Miss you guys!!!

Laurie said...

Totally adorable! Where did you get that little wrap top? I'm in love with it. Our babies are growing up!

Tracee said...

Our Lillian (adopted from China in 2002 at 6mo.) swallowed one of those metal magnectic balls about the size of a marble when she was seven! Asked WHY she had it in her mouth, she explained she was trying to keep it warm. Whatever.

I guess it scared her and she panicked and ran and told her dad. We took her to the ER and sure enough...nice shiny ball sitting in her belly. Because of the shape, we were told she should pass it with no problem and to "watch" for it. We were to come back in a week for another xray.

I took her back for her follow-up xray and she had not yet passed it. Because our local hospital doesn't admit children, we were told that she had to be taken by ambulance down to Children's in Pittsburgh. To make matters worse, she had to be transported with a functioning IV. She immediately shut down and proceeded to "sleep" for over five hours. Once at children's they checked her films and sent us home. We were so ticked off with our local hospital!

A follow up xray two weeks later it was gone. She hasn't done anything like that since. She'll be 11 in April and we still laugh about it. She loves hearing us tell the tale from beginning to end. Goober.