Sunday, September 30, 2012

A few pics for you

Her Halloween Butterfly costume......but with different shoes 

Cheesey smile

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Disney

Road trip...........lookin like the Clampetts :)
cheese........on the Monorail
Nana and Poppa on the Monorail

Mommy & front of Daisy Duck -Mia was too afraid to see her close up today

Mommy, Mia, Joy and Nana

Mommy, Mia, Joy, Nana & Poppa

Nana & Mia on Dumbo......Mia's favorite ride so far

Love this pic with Mia and Joy

Yep....look close, daddy, Mia & Poppa are riding the Magic carpet ride......Mia's 2nd favorite ride.

Nana took a spin too
Starting to get out of control...close to nap time

Daddy takes the lead, nana, poppa & Mia are behind him in the yellow car......they stalled out on the track.

Train ride back to the front of Disney, someone is spent.

Dinner, they lost some money on us tonight !!


photo bomb by poppa


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Balloon animals

Disney once again

Here are are just 2 shots that I pulled off Gordon's cell of Mia & I on the carousel.  She enjoyed Disney much more than the last visit but there was still Nooooooooooooo way she was going to get near a character on this visit.

Will get more pics up tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making a "Tutu" bedskirt

I have looked everywhere on the web to find specific instructions for making on of these bedskirts for a toddler bed without success sooooooooooooooo here is my "how to" way.  I wasn't about to spend big $$ to buy one.  My total cost was $10.00 ! and I have one spool left that I could actually use to add more fullness to the bedskirt if needed.

**Please excuse the lighting in my pictures, I started this before it got dark outside and the final picture was at bedtime.  I will take some more pics of the finished skirt over the weekend in bright light.


6" x 25 yards Tulle (purchased on E-bay for $2.00 a roll (I used 5)
a book............yep a book, one that is wide enough for you to wrap the tulle around.

To begin:
Wrap the tulle around the width of the book cutting only one side after the roll is completely wound on the book.  I used our "colors" book as it was the perfect size we needed.  This way will give you perfectly even strips for your entire project- fast too.

If you don't want to use a book, just measure the length you would like your "tutu" to be and cut strips (but the book is MUCH easier-trust me I tried the other way first)

Next take 1 of your strips, fold it in half (make this even) and where the loop is-hold that at the top and tuck it behind your bar and bring up the other 2 ends towards the front of your bar and wrap them thru the top loop.  Repeat a bazillion times to get the desired fullness.  Make sense?  Hopefully the pics will help.

Mia was very excited to have a "Tutu" for her bed.
Click on the picture for a larger view

She couldn't wait to sleep in the bed tonight :)

Updated pictures 9.15.2012

I think I need to re-calibrate my monitor.........hope the colors look ok on your end.  The bedskirt is yellow with a few super light yellow added in here and there.

*********UPDATE 8/2014********************
I am working on a full size bed tutu and will post DIY instructions as soon as I figure it out for you :)

For my full/double bed Tutu Bed skirt tutorial click here 

Monday, September 10, 2012