Monday, August 20, 2012

iPod fun

A little fun with daddy's iPod

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our little swimmer

This is how we spent most of the month of July with the pool and that about sums up the month, seriously.  
Everyday after daycare and work we get in the pool then it's dinner time and off to bed, not much time for anything else these days.  This past weekend we did take the boat out but it's so hot that even a few hours out there and we were exhausted.  Mia did get to play on the sandbar and had a good time finding shells, a sand dollar and we even saw 2 stingrays while walking in the sand (mommy wasn't all that excited about almost stepping on one of those)
Hopefully we can manage to get some time in at the Animal Kingdom over the next few months but our weather is sooooooooooooo unpredictable that it will have to be a last minute trip I think (at least it's close to us). Mia is into animals right now so sh SHOULD enjoy meeting all the animals up close and personal.
 Our Disney passes expire in October so we need to get our fill now.  
Will try to get more pics posted this month.