Monday, June 04, 2012

Someone likes dogs

It's been a year in our household without a furry friend and even with Mia around there is a little something missing.  Mia seems to like large dogs but hates little dogs that come to her and jump or yap which is fine by me since we are a big dog house anyway.  
Soon we will be adding to our home again and are waiting for the right Great Dane(s) to cross our path.
She has been asking for a doggy to come sit with her at night so hopefully when the real thing sits on her oh did I say that.........I mean sits on her bed she will be fine with it.  Remember we are talking Great Danes here people....they sit on you :)    She was totally fine with Moose when she first got home and still calls some big dogs Moosey.

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Laurie said...

Love her little voice! I'm sure you never tire of hearing her say, "Mommy" do you?