Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh Pinterest.................

I am so obsessed with Pinterest seriously I want to make everything I see.   Here is a little pillowcase for one of Mia's pillows, glad I found this tutorial 'cause I still hadn't purchased a case for the pillow at Nana's house.
Once you can follow along with the pattern it's quite simple but the first few minutes of trying drove me crazy.
I still managed to make 2 pieces (front and back) instead of one entire piece of fabric but it turned out fine.

Here is the link for the tutorial.  and a pic of my finished case.   Yes, I could have embroidered it too but really...........there is enough going on with the material.  I did however embroider her swim day beach towel with her name and a fishey on it :)

Toddler size work partner Kerri made one too. (standard size)

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Christine said...

Simply amazing! You go girl! Where do you find the time?