Friday, May 25, 2012

What a difference an hour makes

Today Mia got to sleep in for 1 more hour and let me tell you just how much happier she is with that little hour.  Usually I have to wake her at 5:30 am so she and daddy can be out the door to daycare by 6am.  At 5:30 she is not a happy camper but at 6:30 am she is up on her own waiting for me-with a smile "Hi Mommy".  I wish everyday she could sleep in (me too).  The weekends we let her stay up till 8pm and she usually will rise around 7-7:30 am on her own.  Tonight she asked for "Hugs all day" to be read earlier than 7pm......that means she is tired and ready for bed.  I jumped at the opportunity to get her bathed and into bed before she got her second wind :)
Here she is at 7:30 pm in the bathtub still smiling, the last few days this was not the case.  
*cell phone pic with a little action applied.


Christine said...

She is beautiful!

Christine said...

Mia is so beautiful!

Cora Huffman said...

Extra sleep is always helpful! We get the melt downs too when we get up early.
Mia is gorgeous! Chloe was happy to see her this morning and now she is telling me we need to watch Mia videos :) Wish we were closer I am sure the girls would get along fabulously!