Sunday, May 06, 2012

How do you say goodbye to a friend

Yesterday May 5th 2012  a great friend & co-worker lost her battle with Breast Cancer. Debbie and I went to high school together and we also work together.
 As on on looker you would never have known Debbie was fighting the fight of her life as she continued to have a huge smile on her face everyday, ok maybe you might notice the super short hair cut she sports but that girl can rock anything even a paper bag would look good on her.  No matter what was going on she was happy and everyone loved her.  How selfish are we in our everyday lives that we complain about everything and someone going thru this battle with Breast Cancer can stand strong, carry on and not complain about a thing when she deserves to be angry with the world?  I know I have been.

I cried the most this morning when I had to tell another girlfriend about Debbie's passing, this friends name is Faith and she too is battling stage 4 Breast Cancer -not only is Faith going thru this but TWICE in the last 12 years. Faith is our miracle girl and fights a strong fight.  This is such a terrible disease.  Faith can climb mountains and I believe her mamma named her well :)  Debbie & Faith came together thru a fundraiser that was held for Debbie this past year.

**For those that may not know, a Maltese cross with a line through it denotes a loss to the fire fighter family.

 Debbie was a mother of 2 sons and a charge Paramedic and Firefighter with us here at SCFD.
We Will Never Forget 

Debbie Schuster
10/30/1963 - 5/5/2012

Deb & her 2 boys, taken April 2012

This is Patty holding a picture of Deb & Nicole-our SCFD Breast Cancer Calendar

Deb and her fire department crew

Debbie "Doodle" and Patty "Pate" Wacha............the dynamic duo!
Debbie and Patty were the best of friends and partners, please pray for Patty too as she has suffered a huge loss in her heart.


Cora Huffman said...

So sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman.

karen said...

My best friend is at the end of her treatments for breast cancer. But my family and mom just found out on Friday, that my mom has pancreatic cancer which has already spread to her lung and liver. Im a compete wreck at times, and other times Im coping like nothing is happening at all. Enjoy the time you have with your family while you can. It goes too soon,

Christine said...

Gina, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love ya!