Saturday, February 04, 2012

Daycare=new clothes

Can you see that cute little skirt? Yea the one with the bleach stains!  Apparently they are changing Mia during the day while being potty trained and washing her clothes. Now I totally appreciate that they are trying to help but everyday I send her to school she is coming home in a different outfit and as you can see this one has been near the bleach. I really don't like sending my child off to school in dirty looking or stained clothes so I am having to buy new things constantly(oh darn) She doesn't go to school in the "good clothes" usually the shirts are no more than $5 or so and the skirts/skirts around $8 but this all adds up. Got any ideas for me?

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Cora said...

I would say that you appreciate the help but ask if they could just send home the clothes in a plastic bag and you will do the laundry. It means more laundry at home but less ruined clothing.
I asked my mom to do this even though I totally trust her with laundry I know she has a lot on her plate with 5 toddlers and does not need to add Chloe's dirty clothes to the list.
good luck!