Saturday, January 14, 2012

Building at Lowes

Our first building project at Lowes this am.  Mia had a great time using the hammer :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Finally.............she drove her car

Sorry about the loud laughter, I just couldn't help it :) When you hear her laugh it just makes you happy.

It has taken since Christmas to get Mia driving this car, we still need to work on steering.

definitely view in full screen mode and HD.

Monday, January 02, 2012

and a New Year begins!!!

"I count to 10"

You & I know this is Kai Lan but Mia calls her Dora and she calls Dora Dora.......not sure why she hasn't figured them out yet.
 This is part of a cute little outfit Tracy, Bob & Owen sent Mia.  (Tracy it fits now & she loves it)  :)

Happy New Year to everyone, we are off to a wonderful start.  Today I took Mia to daycare (school as we call it).  she started in the over 2 class so it was a pretty big deal for her.....uhhhh and mommy too.  This class is in the same building only on the other side and the classes have more kids in there.  She was fine with going to "school" but when we got in her new classroom she became one with my leg.  It was hard to leave her when she started crying, I had a few tears too on the way out the door.

Here are a few departing pics before the crying started (Mia & Mommy)
Mia & Mommy 1st day of the "Butterfly" class in Daycare.