Monday, October 03, 2011

Girly big wheel

Like this???

Oh I can ride it??

Go, Go, Go!!!1

Yea, I had fun!
Tonight we finally were able to got outside and play for a while before bath time.  Mia got a new Princess Big Wheel this weekend and is learning how to pedal it around.  Her feet just barely touch the pedals but soon she will be able to reach.

On the toddler bed...........last night was a huge success.  Mia slept the entire night and didn't try to get out of bed until this morning when I went into her room to get her up.  This evening after playing with her Big wheel she said "Nite Nite" and gave me the baby sign for sleep around 6:45 pm so off to take a bath and she seemed excited to climb into her bed.  I never had to tell her to go to bed, she just did it on her own.
We are some lucky parents :)  Just waiting for the day she becomes stubborn.

Oh and the patch, if you remember we are having a little trouble with the eye muscles of her right eye so she is wearing a patch on every other eye, 2 hours a day for 4 months.   The patches come in all kinds of groovy colors, she doesn't even mind wearing a patch................damn we are lucky!


Cora said...

Uh Oh, I see a girly big wheel in Chloe's future! Love the eye patch if you have to wear an eye patch make it a cute one!

mama-j said...

She is just thriving!!!!!!!!!

mama-j said...

She is just thriving!!!!

Jonni said...

What a sweetie and she looks like she is loving her new big wheels. Also, how exciting about the bed. :)