Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 months

Today marks the date we have been a family of three!  Where did the time go, I remember texting everyone on the day we got our referral and the next thing I know here we are preparing to celebrate Mia's 2nd Birthday.

Mia continues to amaze us, there is nothing she won't do or try.  Currently she is mimicking everything we say (oops) so it's quite funny around the house these days.  Dink, juc, mik, craka, sit, up, down, no and my personal favorite.......still is.......MINE!  She has many words in her vocabulary but these are the cutest to hear her say (all except for the MINE).
As you can see, Mia has become Daddy's girl.
Click pic for larger image


Christine said...

Happy 6 months!! That went fast right? I can't believe that we have had our precious girls 6 months already. Time sure does fly and the girls are getting so big, so fast! Happy Forever Family Day!

Christine, John & Hannah

Jonni said...

Happy 6 mos. my sweet friend. What a lovely family you have and Mia could not be any sweeter and cuter! Seems like it was just yesterday that your sweet girl was placed in your arms for the first time. :)