Thursday, September 08, 2011

Our little pirate

Strabismus, heard of it?  
We noticed last month Mia's right eye would sometimes drift off laterally then back to normal when she was looking at something in the distance.  After watching her for a few days we decided it was time for her to see an eye specialist...a pediatric eye specialist. 

Our suspicion is correct, she has Strabismus in the right eye.  She will have to wear a patch on her eyes, alternating eyes every night for 2 hours for 4 months then we return for a re-check.  Hopefully this will correct itself, otherwise she will need to have surgery to repair the 
muscles in her eye.

She did pretty great tonight wearing her patch for the first time. They come is all kinds of groovy colors too.


Christine said...

Instincts are always right. Glad you caught it early. Oh Mia...such a cutie with her patch and so good about it. We hope that surgery can be avoided. Sending hugs from NY and praying for healing.

Christine, John & Hannah

Jonni said...

Poor baby. I left a note for you on FB but just want to say I hope it corrects itself without surgery. Please give Mia a kiss and hug from us.