Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting new friends

A few months before we received our referral my husband ran into a couple( at our local Lowe's-his hang out) that had adopted recently from China. Gordon was in total awwww over their little girl Dakota, so much that he even took a video of her to show me when he got home that evening. They had exchanged phone numbers with Gordon and had planned on getting together with them once we returned home from China with our Mia.
Fast forward.... Saturday afternoon, the girls got to meet for the very first time (and I got to meet this family also for the first time). It so nice to know someone that has been thru the same process and totally understands.
Dakota brought over a gift for Mia and of course Mia wouldn't share but eventually they decided they liked each other and started playing and running around the house. It was so cute to see how happy these 2 little girls were and I am so happy to have met this family. We hope to get these girls together more often.
It took about an hour before Mia warmed up to Dakota.

But then it was game on! these two girls were running around the house after each other-so cute.
Dakota is so sweet, cute and petite. I had to make sure Mia didn't get too pushy around her, Mia is like a bull in a china shop.....seriously! She is the year of the Ox!
It's interesting to see Mia just watch Dakota and study her for at least an hour before she warmed up to the fact that she had a new friend to play with. Cute was the moment Dakota sat in my lap, little Miss Mia came right over and squeezed her behind right into my lap, moving Dakota out as to say...hey my mommy.....cute!

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Absolutely, positively darling!