Friday, August 05, 2011

Catching up on a few days

This week Mia has been going to (KUW) Kids under the Weather (at the hospital Gordon works at).
Here is how our week has gone....
Monday & Tuesday=Daycare

Tuesday night Mia started sounding stuffed up and woke with a mild temp. We kept her home from daycare and sent her into KUW, while there the nurses said when Mia was sleeping she had a cough that sounded like Croup & we should just keep the Tylenol going to keep her temps down.

Wednesday night I heard what sounded like a rooster with something stuck in their throat crowing from the upstairs bedroom....Mia was sitting up in her crib crying and crowing. Her fever was up and once again we gave Tylenol and she went back to sleep.

Thursday morning it was off to KUW again but midday Mia's temp spiked up to 105.3 and she wasn't sounding any better so off to the ER we went. (I of course left work immediately...partner understood still not quite sure my Battalion Chief did but he said ok.... (me) ummm yea I'm leaving) You all know I'm a Paramedic BUT when it's my child everything is waaaaaaaaaay different, your child I can be comfortable with treating---- MY child NOT SO MUCH.

Diagnosis: Tonsillitis with mild Croup
Treatment: Antibiotics and steroids.

Today, Mia woke with no temp :) and Gordon just called, he is up at KUW having lunch with Mia who just happens to be running around the place like she is on crack. Guess she is feeling better :)

Even with a temp of 105.3 yesterday this child of ours is still a happy girl...maybe a little grumpy but I would be at the least grumpy.

Here are a few photos to catch you up on our Mia.

Sitting on daddy's lap last night, Temp 105.3 and still happy
Lunch at Kids under the Weather
New kicks (Skechers)

Shopping for new clothes (growing fast)
Not too excited about daycare today

Morning 'nanner

Some strange pose she now does when I follow her with a camera


Debbie Sauer said...

She's too cute to be sick. Hope she is feeling better soon. Blessings

Laurie said...

Scary temp! I'm glad it looks like that is behind you.

I can't believe she's at seemed like that was so far off. We will be going down that path here very soon :(

Mia is changing a lot, we can see it in her pictures.

Love the shoes!

Shelley said...

Poor baby! Glad she seems to be feeling better.

I bet she blossoms at daycare. The socialization will do amazing things for your adorable Mia.

BTW, that pose is fabulous! :)


shelley said...

sorry she has been sick. sometimes those resp things can be really scary. I am a pediatric nurse, and I completely understand what you say about treating your own child. I am all mama and zero nurse

China Dreams said...

Glad you got such a quick diagnosis and treatment, and hope that she continues to improve. Love the Skechers!


Jonni said...

I agree - she is way too cute to be sick. Hope she is feeling better now. She is such a little trooper. ♥