Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first glimpse of our Mia

I have uploaded the video of our very first glimpse of Mia walking into the room at the Civil Affairs office to meet us (Got'cha).
WARNING......Tissue alert. We still have ooodles more of videos from China and I am slowly going thru all of them. Everything is now burned onto discs AND on an external hard drive so there will be no more chances of loosing them. I am so very thankful that we were smart enough to bring the external hard drive with us to China and backed up all of our files while we were there. Who knew the computer would crash (it's brand new!)

**For those getting ready to travel, my advise.....spend $100 and bring along a portable external hard drive.

Click here to be directed over to our referral page to see the video.


Christine said...

LOVE the video! Can you believe we have been home 2 months today! Time sure does fly!

China Dreams said...

I could hear the love at first sight in your voice on the video. It just gets better.


Jonni said...

Happy 2 months home Mia! This video is just beautiful. ♥

Shelley said...

Oh Wow! Gotcha is such a powerful moment. You forget until you see one of these videos. So wonderful. And was that 4 months ago already!?! Sheesh time flies!

Thank you for sharing your 1st moments as a beautiful family.