Monday, May 02, 2011

Water Park fun

So far today has been great! It's 2:45 pm and she is still down for her nap.

Mia slept her usual 12 hours and woke up smiling. We got a bath, dressed, had breakfast and she was actually eager for daddy to take her outside to play. I think today is the first day she motioned for daddy to pick her up and take her outside and didn't even cry or look back to see if I was there. They spent sometime playing in her car and daddy pushed her around the block a few times.

The weather is georgous today here so we decided to try out the Water park @ Marina Jacks.

We packed her swimmies, sunscreen, a bathing suit and headed out to see what this park was all about.

Picking up leaves with daddy.

The Water Park @ Marina Jack's

Once she figured out what was going on with the water fountains, she had fun dragging daddy in and out of them.


Christine said...

Looks like a beautiful family day. Mia is just beautiful!!!

Special K said...

12 hours?! Lucky duck. I hope I get that lucky with my Mia.

Love seeing your updates. :)

China Dreams said...

Glad she has turned to daddy. Enjoy the 12 hour nights while they last!


Laurie said...

Adorable again!

Oh my, your weather and Mia's sleep schedule! You are one lucky mama :)

Jonni said...

I think these are my all-time favorite pics of Mia so far. She is such a sweetie and I just want to love and squeeze her. :) Looks like mommy, daddy and Mia all had a fantastic time.