Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing in puddles & the pool

Looking for more puddles of water to jump in-daddy just finished washing the car.

I finally had some success with pigtails this morning, give her a book on the potty and momma can do her hair :)

Today Mia spent some time in the pool after running around outside with us in the morning. Every day we spend a few hours playing in the yard and I think she has come to enjoy/expect that.

The temps here are still only in the mid 80's but you would swear it was warmer, you can't help but go into the pool everyday during the spring and summer. Speaking of 'bout those little swimmer kinds of diapers.....what are we actually keeping in there? Maybe they are good for keeping "floaters' out of the pool but anything less than ummmmmmmmm boyant only gets watered down to seep thru them. Is commando the only way to go girls?


Laurie said...

Loving the piggies and the adorable squeaky shoes! The no way expression is priceless.

The H Family said...

I agree with you on the little swimmers. If your girl is anything like our girl, then poop usually only occurs on the potty - therefore, we can save the money on the swim diapers. She is DARLING!!!

Shelley said...

Yep. Swim diapers are nearly worthless. Although they do (partly) keep the floaters from escaping. And even that, not very well.

Mia just keeps getting more adorable as the days go by, Gina. She's clearly loving her new life. :) That's what the gift of good loving parents do for a child ...they help her blossom.

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see the change in her facial expressions since day one. She now feels "loved". She can't say the words yet, but you can tell! Her life made a 360, because of you guys, and its only getting better each day. Sue Norris

China Dreams said...

Looks like you have a water baby!


Jonni said...

What a cutie. I agree the Lil Swimmers are a waste of money and so were the training potty pants when we potty trained. I agree with what Shelley said, mia looks so happy! :)