Friday, May 13, 2011

On May 11th we celebrated 1 month home with Mia. What a difference a month can make, she looks so much older and has soooooooo much personality now.She is peaking at the camera lens here. May 11th 2011

April 11th 2011

As we enter the 4th week home Mia is finally bonding with daddy, not 100% but I would say a good 75%. Daddy can now wake her, bathe her, dress her, change a diaper (YAY) and she will hang out with daddy without crying when mommy leaves the house. Looking forward to the many more changes with the months to come.

We will be home with her until August then she will go to daycare. Last week we stopped in the daycare for a tour & registered her. While we were there Mia stood at the window looking out at all of the children playing outside and some of them were quite intrigued by her as they stood on the other side of the window looking in. I think she will enjoy being at daycare, waaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun than with mommy and daddy-we are boring.

She was already re-arranging the furniture in her classroom while we were there-she will be an handfull for them at first I'm sure.


Shelley said...

Happy 1 Month Home! They change SO fast when they come home. It's like they become a whole different kid.

Looks like Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job. She appears to be adjusting beautifully. Congrats on the bonding!

Jonni said...

Happy 1 month home Gina. I bet you are amazed at how many changes have already taken place since those first days with Mia. She has just blossomed beautifully and she feels secure in her knowledge that she has a mommy and daddy that just adore and LOVE her to pieces.