Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Morning playtime

Every morning we spend some time outside with Mia before heading out for the day. This girl is always on the move and it's getting harder and harder to get some pics of her not in motion.
With all that motion comes scuffed knees BUT she is learning not to lead with her head anymore. She uses one of her arms like a propeller to get her momentum up-too funny-and she giggles like she is getting away with something everytime.
Glad to hear her giggle today, gave her some Motrin with her orajel and that seems to be keeping her happy.


Cora said...

Look at those amazing bright eyes! I know what you mean about moving I don't think Chloe ever stops.

Jonni said...

These are darling pics Gina. I love that you are blogging about the day-to-day things because I have a felling you will love looking back on those things when she gets older. Mia is so happy. :)