Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day & a fat lip

This morning Mia started our day off with a bang, I mean literally. She decided it's fun to get in the shower with mommy then get out dry off and try and get back in-that is where we get the bang! She slipped on the tile and wacked her lower lip, she is fine I think I cried as much if not more than she did. The floor is not all that slick but I'm not taking anymore chances. All is good but she will be sporting a fat lip for a few days.
We are off to Bed Bath & Beyond now for a grippy mat for our master shower. Good Lord she is hard to keep up with sometimes :)
Today is the last day before daddy returns to work so this afternoon we enjoyed lunch outside, burgers & apple pie :)


KBussell said...

My poor baby, good thing you are a paramedic! Hug her for me! Aunt Kerri

Cora said...

I know what you mean hard to keep up with! Chloe scared me to death at the park yesterday she is much braver than her mom. Sometimes I think we need 3 parents instead of just the 2 of us.

Jonni said...

Poor baby. Sofia does the same thing frequently, you should see her little bruised legs. Makes it tough for us mommies since we have to run faster than they do, lol. I love the dress Mia has on and i hope she feels better soon.