Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lowry Park Zoo

I Love, Love Love Giraffes :)

This giraffe slimed Gordon, she wanted whatever he had in that cup and was relentless with that super long tongue.

Yes, it's a giraffe backpack AND a little purse with a mini giraffe in it.

Feeding the birds, Mia was a little scared of these little guys (but again....she rode the camel???)

Our first visit to the zoo with Mia, she seem to really enjoy herself today. Missed her nap and was wound up until we got home then she was & still is out cold. This girl was afraid to pet a pony or feed the birds but had no problem riding a camel.


Cora said...

looks like fun! Taking our daughter to the zoo was something I had dreamed about for 4 years and it totally lived up to my dreams, hope you trip did too!

KBussell said...

Love the Jeffery pics :) She is adorable with the giraffe backpack.... Hmmm I think she has a quilt that has giraffes on it, but is it completed? Heehee

China Dreams said...

That looks like great fun all the way around!


Jonni said...


It looks like you guys had an amazing time. Isn't it the absolute best present ever to have a child? Especially one as perfect as Mia is.