Sunday, May 01, 2011

Family time

Last evening @ the beach with our friends Steve, Denise, Tyler & Zack

Spending some alone time today with daddy at the park

We started out the day at the park but the lovebugs were so dense and Mia was being quite fussy, we ended up at Nana & Poppa's house for some playtime. Mia is still having some bonding issues with daddy, one minute everything is fine and the next all hell is breaking loose. At least there are moments she will go to him, we are working on this.
*Today I broke out the "big" camera again so excuse the pics until I can get back into my settings. Hard to believe I haven't touched this camera in only 2 months and don't remember how to use it :)
At Nana's house

Mia Playing with my partner Kerri


Kim and Greg said...

She is so beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!

Laurie said...

So much cuteness! She keeps her hair bows in-yay!

Oh my does that beach look inviting from here in Wisconsin.

KBussell said...

Ahhh I am such a great Aunt :) She is so cute in her bathing suit and with Nana playing :)

China Dreams said...

Very sweet photos


Jonni said...

So stinkin' cute. Good job with your camera. I think my favorites are #2 and #4, but I like them all. :)