Sunday, May 22, 2011

Children's garden, 1 month home

Today marks 1 month since we have been home (in the US) with Mia, what an amazing transformation she has made. Everyday we are enjoying seeing changes in her, all for the good. She has now bonded 99% with daddy and mommy is able to have some breathing room - YAY! Not that I don't enjoy her company but atleast I can have a little space to myself now and then when daddy takes her outside or to the pool. This afternoon we were invited to a playdate at the Children's Garden with a friend/co-worker of Gordon - she has a beautiful little 3 year old girl named Madelyn. Mia played, well I should say followed little Madelyn around the garden. Not one time did I see Mia push her (as she has done to little ones before when we went to a playarea) Maybe she is starting to enjoy the company of playmates :) I was starting to worry about this pushing thing as daycare starts in August for Mia. Looks like we will get thru this phase pretty quick-fingers crossed.

I have been taking an averge of 500 pictures a day of Mia but don't seem to find the time to process many but here are a few for your viewing pleasure:)


Cora said...

Looks like fun. Chloe is a pusher too, so frustrating but the more she is around other kids the more she seems to learn what is right and wrong.
Mia is SO cute in those little pig tails.

Barbara said...

500 pics a day!!!! LOL
I know the feeling! She is beautiful!!

China Dreams said...

Congratulations on a big anniversary!


Jonni said...

Happy 1 month home my dear friend. It warms my heart to see so much happiness! Adorable pics Gina and I love the chair one too. :)