Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I hven't been able to find my sweet spot in my camera lens for the past few days. Not sure if it is because my eye is irritated, I know today's reason is that my eyes are totally dilated and I am wearing glasses instead of contacts. Can you see the blur in some of my pictures???? WTH? Maybe I need a little more practice, I had put this camera down for a few months and still trying to get the feel back. Even my CS5 skils are lacking :( Still have another month off work so there will be time to brush up and get some better shots of Mia. Thinking it's time to add another lens to my collection.


Christine said...

Mia is beautiful!!!

Jonni said...

I could not love these pictures any more. I just want to pick her up and squeeze her! So sweey and those fingers in the mouth just kill me. I love it.

Okay, here's a few helpful hints:

*You will have camera blur at low shutter speeds. I try to keep mine at least at 250. Since kids move so fast, it is necessary. You can move your camera into Tv mode and set your shutter speed that way. And your camera will pick your aperture. You may also want to learn Manual mode as time goes on and you set it all and be in full control of what you want to do. It is amazing how different my pics started looking when I learned Manual.

*The sweet spot on a lens is usually 2 stops closed down. For instance if you had the 50mm 1.8 lens, you would want to close it down to 2.2. Of course it may take a while to learn to shoot at that open of an aperture since it usually take a lot of practice and your focal plane is very thin. I also found that once I started using back button focusing to select my focal points, my keeper ratio went up tremendously. Here is a link to the article about it:

Please forgive me if you are already doing this. I just want to give you some tips that helped me out when I got started.

Opanda is on the fritz with Firefox 4 and I can't pull metadate to see settings on a pic anymore.

Jonni said...

BTW, I am loving her in those big Crocs! Too sweet. :)