Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Taking daddy for a walk

Bubbles.....a sure way to make friends

Today started out with daddy greeting Mia at her crib when she woke, all was good. He gave her a bath, brushed her teeth and she even sat on the potty with success (what age do you do this potty training thing anyway?) Then it was downstairs for mommy to feed her. This child eats like a teenager....a full container of Chobani yogurt, cherrios and 1/2 banana. She would keep on eating if we let her. After breakfast it is time for mommy to get ready so off Mia and Daddy went...outside to do some laps around the block in her new jogger stroller. Mia didn't even wimper today and just took daddy's hand and out the door they went. Is she finally bonding or bored of mommy? I don't know but it is sure nice to take a few minutes to myself.

This afternoon our nighbors came over to say hello to Mia, Hannah really seems to enjoy our little one but I think Mia was a little to tired and/or hungry to play with her...they had a good time the otherday when Hannah pushed her around in the car.


Jonni said...

Darling! Mia is just so adorable. BTW, we love that Chobani yogurt - that is some good stuff. Hey, I just saw the note above, did someone write a negative comment? Not cool at all. I am sorry if that happened to you. Some people have no class. Thanks for posting pics of our little love-muffin.

Auntie Jonni

Laurie said...

Loving the updates. Pure cuteness!

Yogurt is a favorite at our house too.