Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

These eggs were on the breakfast buffet........there will be some definate weight loss while over here :) Gordon working out with the local men

Our guide Marcia, she is wonderful!

Yep, big hair today....tried out the blow dryer and straightener, we were watching the power converter to see if it was going to catch on fire or not. My 110 straightener works but the one that is designed to convert 110 to 240 didn't even get hot ???? Bring a power converter as well as adapters, it is too difficult to communicate with the hotel staff to ask for them.

There is just so much to take in that we cant take enough pictures and the Chinese are taking pictures of us like we are some kind of movie stars...........totally a weird feeling. Today we did see some tourists in Tianamen Square & the Forbidden city but when walking around near our hotel there is not one single american in sight-we certinally dont blend in very well :) Everyone is very nice but we totally cannot communicate with them, glad to have Marcia with us to translate and keep us out of trouble.

I dont seem to be able to keep track of what day it actually is, we are still on USA time. Currently it is 11:24 pm on Thursday the 7th my computer is telling me. We were up at 0300am today and went to sleep at 5pm-me back up now to download all of todays pictures before I forget where we were.

The small children are wearing split pants everywhere we go and at first you are taken back when you see them squatting anywhere and everywhere to pee but soon you get used to it, they are super cute with their little bums hanging out.

At times I feel as this is just an amazing vacation then it hits me that in just a few short days we will be parents! OMG! What really scares me is this jet lag/exhaustion and trying to soak up the sights then add in a small child........wooooooooooooohooooooooooooo.

The beds in our hotel are so low to the ground and hard, Gordon is not getting much in the way of comfortable sleep. Me on the otherhand, I drop into a coma as soon as I am supine and just wake up crippled :) We have walked miles in just the few days we have been here and I hope to climb atleast some of the Great Wall tomorrow. I think we are going to visit the site of the Olympics and a Jade factory also. Today we stopped in the Pearl market-awesome! Gordon fished out an oyster and they opened it up right there in front of us and it contained around 14 or 15 freah water pearls.


Jonni said...

Awesome pics girl. I hope you had a wonderful day. Your guide looks like a sweetie. I hope you and Gordon get some rest tonight. Only 4 more days unti Mia. :)

Jonni said...

One more thing, once you get to Guangzhou the beds are much more comfortable and Guangzhou is more westernized than most of the provinces. Although it's going to be a while before you get there. Can you believe in a few days you will have your sweet girl!?
So exciting. That's cool that you are a movie star over there. You better tell Gordon how lucky he is to be married to a movie star (lol). :)

Jimh. said...

I guess we just were not lucky at all. We never saw those "preserved eggs" when we were there! The eggs never tasted right, but, they were never black!

Special K said...

Very cool! I love hearing all about this stuff.