Friday, April 15, 2011

Shamian Island Guanzhou China

Finally! Made it to the White Swan and yes they have COLD a/c!!! YAY. Last night was a blur, we flew out on a tiny lear jet from Changsha to Guangzhou and were taken to the White Swan Hotel and arrived there sometime around 11pm. Well, let me tell you how Mia's first flight went-pretty good. Mommy tried out some Benadryl earlier in the day to make sure Mia wouldn't have any ear problems with the pressure of flyings and boy I'm glad I tried it our early enough-she got totally hyper on that stuff! Not sure it if helped with her ears but I know for sure it didn't make her sleep (as planned) Apparently I should have found some dye free Benadryl-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lesson learned, a little late. Wonder how this flight back to the USA will go??? I will just have to recreate this visual for you.....Mommy, Daddy & Mia in tow to the airport. 3 large suitcases, 1 large "Hello Kitty" duffle bag, 2 small suitcases, Diaperbag, Daddy messenger bag, Mommy's laptop bag AND a stroller with sippy cut and Mr. giraffe and got the picture now right???? Sopt laughing at me.....most of you have been there and I know some of you are about to experience this :) lol since this was only a 1/2 hour flight Mia sat on my lap. Notice the "my" in that sentence????? Mia will not go to Daddy or let Daddy touch her unless it is on her terms and she just wasnt gonna do it this night. Another visual......small plane with 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other. Every seat except ummmmmmm maybe 4 were occupied by adoptive parents and thier children. Yes we were the proverbal stork to Guangzhou. Mia was very fussy as she did not want to touch daddy, that man that was crammed up next to me who by the way was once the man I got to smooch with atleast a few times a day-yea....not happening right now. Anyway after she jumped, climbed and pulled my clothing off of me she settled down on MY LAP with the assistance of a few tasty bribes, watched out the window during take off and fell asleep. I will have to get photos of us all with our luggage on our return flight to the USA. Oh and yes....we needed everybit of that luggage............cant go to China without a little shopping. Here are a few pics from today in Guangzhou, we are on the Sahmian Island and let me tell you it is like a different world from where we were yesterday.

While at the White Swan we ran into Christine, John & Hannah (Blogger buddies) in the "Swan Room" It's nice to finally meet someone you have been blogging and waiting with during this adoption. Christine and John are LID the same as ours so we kinda thought we would cross paths. Christine was having a hard time getting on blogger so here are a few pictures of them to give you a baby fix. Hannah is such a doll baby in person and those lips!!!! Oh so adorable.


Karen said...

Lol too funny. You're actually making me reminisce and miss that time for us, just a month over 5 years ago! You'll miss it me. Just take it all in, very soon, she will want her Daddy too. Ours was reversed, she loved her daddy way before me. Now, we are tied for first place. :-) She SOOO owns us.

KBussell said...

I soooooo understand, were you able to stand up on the plane? Good luck on finding the dye free benadryl and another pacifier! You need to give Gordon the food, maybe! Give him the benefit of the doubt. Try not to feel her anxiety for her when you are around Gordon, she will sense it. Go ahead and kiss him so she can see he is alright :) Love ya girls and kiddie bartender! Kerri

China Dreams said...

Glad you made it safely. I remember how glad I was to have real A/C and cold soda! In Beijing their idea of cold was maybe 15 minutes in the fridge and every time we turned down the A/C, the cleaning staff adjusted it. In GZ, it was the opposite. It actually was too cold at times, and if we adjusted it, they reset it. The joys of traveling. Hope your travels are full of joy!


Jonni said...

Okay, I just lost my post....ARGH.

YAY! I am so glad you guys made it to China. I love the Going Home Barbie and always wished our hotel had those too. i guess it is a deal the WS has with Mattel since Mattel sponsors the playroom as well. The video you posted of Mia on FB was just too cute. I watched it with John and the girls several times.:)

Please tell Gordon we are thinking of him. Our last trip to China was so similar. Sammy would not go to John and it was a little overwhelming because she was at my side 24/7. Your rational mind understands the reason for this but it does not stop your heart and feelings from being hurt. I promise once you get home things will change. Once you leave the watchful eye of China you have the freedom to parent your child and make your own rules. When in China you just get through it all.

The countdown to home has begun. Enjoy your time in GZ. Once you get home you will miss it once the jet-lag wears up and you will want to go back to China again. :)


Jonni said...

By the way, Kerri had some great ideas. I too think that if she sees you kissing Gordon Mia will see it is okay.


Krishen said...

That was a great visual Gina. Haven't been there myself but i have been on plane flights with fellow parent-friends and I don't know how they do it!

Love your writing, it's like I'm there with you. Funny about the Benadryl dye, for me I can't stay awake after I take it!

lots of love from sarasota
Krishen & Joy

Shelley said...

Squeeky shoes!!!! Love it. It's all downhill from here on out. When's the big day for Mia's "physical"? I use that term loosely as it's not much of a physical, but you do get to find out her actual weight and height. And it's another milestone closer to home. Yay!

Enjoy Shamian Island! So much to take in there.

Jonni said...

So glad that you made it to Jordon's. Isn't he the nicest man? Did you get a calligraphy of Mia's name? I love the pics you added of John, Christine and Hannah too. how great that you guys got to meet up in person.


Jonni said...

Oops, I meant jet lag wears off not up...LOL.

Special K said...

Oh those still my heart!

Your girl gets cuter every single day! I'm loving following your trip through China. So glad you're blogging!