Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yep, she loves the pool!

This is the 2nd swimsuit little Mia had on before actually making entrance into the pool. The weather was so beautiful that Gordon thought we should introduce Mia to our pool & I agree it was a perfect day for it. I took our little princess to change out of her diaper and into a little 2 piece number (sans the diaper for her first swim). Thinking all was good, she already did all her business so no diaper was good....right??? I take her out the the pool, daddy is already in and just as I am about to place her into the pool Gordon says, "what's on her leg"? YES, she had decided business was not finished and I guess going commando was more than she could handle just yet & a swimsuit is no match for all her business. Back into the house we go, into the shower (oh yes, shower was a must for us both at this point) and into this blue once piece - back out we go. I tell you we certinally get a lot of laughs out of Mia's business. Oh and yes, commando again with no problems this time :)

She was so eager to get in the pool, I had to take quite the hold of her and place her in the floaty ring. We didn't expect it to be a hit with Mia but she loves the pool. YAY. Now I need to call my old roommate & see if she still does swim lessons.


KBussell said...

Oh how cute! I am so happy she likes it, just take her out b4 she prunes :)

Cora said...

Looks like she is just Chillin'

Jonni said...

So cute, she looks like a water-baby for sure. I am so envious that you guys have such nice weather. I wish I could just swing on by and jump in the pool too. :)