Friday, April 08, 2011

The Great Wall of China & More pics of Mia

Oh Yes we are!

Not only once but 2 times.....up on the tippy top of the hard side too (that one I will never ever see)

*You should be able to click the pics for a closer view.

Panoramic Views of the Wall

Locks along the wall, not very many left.

My view up the steps....OMG

All I can say is amazing! This is one huge masterpiece & we are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to visit & walk along this Great Wall.

I am totally exhausted and we still have tomorrow to tour the Summer Palace & Silk Factory. My legs are like jello and were already tired before today.

*Tip of the day: If you have the chance to climb the Wall, try and do this first before any other sightseeing.

There are 2 sides of the Great Wall, they call them the hard and the easy path. Today Gordon decided and proceeded to climb the hard side (I tried but there was no way-those steps are up to my knees). I took the easy side (Ha! easy my ass).

Here are 2 more pictures we receive today from "Nan", she was at Mia's SWI 3/12-27 of 2011 an took these. How lucky am I, so many people have shared pictures of our daughter with us that we would have never seen if not for RQ and FB friends :) Love you all.

*Hope they don't cut her hair before we meet her on Monday. Those are quite the pants aren't they ? :)


Jonni said...


I just watched the video you posted on Facebook. How cool that you guys got to do this and I love how you wrote your name on it. What a beautiful memory to have. I absolutely love the new pics of baby Mia. When adoptive friends pull together, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. What a treasure to have these
Love you girly! Only 3 more days until Mia Day! :) Thanks for all the updates, they are so much fun to read. :)

Cora said...

OH what a cutie! The Great Wall is Awesome, my favorite spot in China, I can not wait to take Chloe to see it some day.

If it makes you feel any better they gave Chloe a trim but did not shave her hair like a lot of the other girls we saw.

I am so excited for Mia Day, Chloe and I will be checking the blog frequently this weekend!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful gift those pictures are! Congrats!!

Sad to see so many of the locks gone. I put one there for my DD in Nov of '09. Even through it's probably gone now I know it was there and have pics. That works for me!

You're so right! Climbing that wall is tough and there is no easy side! :o)

Anonymous said...


Your daughter is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She is just sooooooooooo still my heart!!! What a journey for you both!


Shelley said...

Only 2 more days until Mia Day! Yay! And her Mama and Daddy look like they're having a lot of fun! Drink it all in and enjoy!

China Dreams said...

When we got back from the wall our son slept from naptime until the next morning! I think that our daughter and I slept for several hours (nap) ourselves. It's a real trek.


Special K said...

Love the new pics of Mia. She's so adorable. I can't stop thinking about you and everything your experiencing. So very happy for you!

PS. Love all the pics, tips and info. Keep it coming. :)

KBussell said...

Ok the pictures of Mia just TRUMPED the Great Wall! She is sooooo going to be the new Great Wonder of your World!!