Monday, April 18, 2011

Consulate appointment DONE!

A quick shot as she was climbing up my legs-again! Playing with the leaves outside the White Swan Michael Lin of Michael's Place on Shamian Island (Have your laundry done here-tell him BabyMia sent ya!) Super nice guy.
Having Tea with Dong at Susan's Place on Shamian Island

**8pm here in can now add 3 bruises across Mia's forehead. Didn't I tell you she was table height and ready to run??? While at dinner she was flailing around and "pinged" her head twice smack dab on the top of the table. The other one ??? Right on top of her bruise from yesterday, man this girl is fiesty. She has been trying her momma out and yesterday she almost won but Gordon was sweet enough to stay in the hotel with her while I left for a few hours to re-charge my brain. Remember that Mia and daddy haven't quite bonded yet and everytime I am out of her sight she screams her head off. So I left for about 2 hours and when I returned Gordon tells me that Mia stood at the door with her hands up over her head touching the door whaling for atleast 1/2 hour then he noticed that once she was quiet she was actually falling asleep while standing there. I knew something was up when I opened the door and found a crib blocking the entry way, he had to block the door to keep her corraled in the room so she wouldnt get hurt AGAIN. Marble floors in this hotel room.

Oh and before I forget...Mia....wild child....pulled over the play basketball hoop in the playroom smacking Hannah in the right eyebrow/temple area. I no longer got the words out of my mouth talking to Christine about how many bruises Mia had and did Hannah have any to which she replied no.......Mia made sure she has a twin hanging around the hotel with her sporting the new buise she gifted Hannah with. Christine & John I am soooooo sorry.

I know Gordon will want me to share this story with you also...last night I was preparing a bath for Mia. We were both in the bathroom, me knealing at the tub, Mia all naked just standing and touching everything in sight when I hear her make a different babble noise. I turn and see that she had pooped on the floor, steped in it and was now slipping and sliding around on the floor. I yelled out for Gordon to come in and help-he was on the computer Skyping with his parents ( the end of that conversation must have been interesting). He came into the bathroom, by this time I has grabbed Mia, fully dressed and now with the added bonus of baby poo...anyway he helped to clean her off before we plunked her into the tub. We both just started to laugh so hard that Gordon had tears.

OK, enough fun for 24 hours.....hope tomorrow is not as eventfull. Oh there are more stories to tell but I dont have the energy to type them out. Lots to share when we get home.


Steve said...

Oh man, that's funny. We've all got stories like that. My Brielle took a glass vase over her head when she bumped into a table. The vase broke and cut her face at the corner of her eye. I wasn't there when it happened , so I was off the hook for that one. Sooo much anxiety being a parent! Mia's gonna be a handful, but it's gonna be so much fun!

Jonni said...


LOL! It sounds like you guys have been having an eventful couple of days. :) Too funny about the ppop. You gotta have at least one good poop story while in China. That outfit you have on Mia is just gorgeous and my oh my, she is going to be a heart breaker. I loved reading the update and not too much longer now. Isn;t the CA appt. fun? You get to see all the other adoptive families.


The H Family said...

I am just laughing out loud about the baby poop!!! That is so funny! Mia sounds like such a little gem! I hope you baby proofed your house before you left! I'm glad you got a little time to yourself. That is so important! Also, I wanted to tell you (but you already know this, I'm sure) how beautiful Mia is. I mean WOW she is stunning. The first two pictures you posted kind of game me gimps at what she might look like as a young lady! Gordon, get ready to have your door being knocked on regularly! You have a beauty!
Keely (Ziggy)

Shelley said...

Did I not tell you how glamorous this parenthood thing is? ; P How could I have missed that?

Sounds like you guys are doing just fine. And Gordon's day for bonding will come. She'll recognize she's got Daddy wrapped around her little finger, and it will be over. : )

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Gordon and Gina, Too funny, (bathroom story) and the bumbs and bruises, are a part of childhood, we've all had them and turned out OK, so I think. Love the pictures and the updates. Can't wait until you return home. Love Kathleen and Billy

Denise said...

She looks so cute in those jeans. Can't wait to hear the other stories.

Anonymous said...

Gina, Godon, and Mia,
The poop stories are the best. Something you'll always remember, and I have to say it probably won't be the last. See you soon!
Sue Norris

Laurie said...

Gina, I'm just catching up on your blog as the trip back to U.S. wore me out.

Mia is so beautiful and I can tell you and Gordon are taking it all in just as you should.

If you haven't already, be sure to visit Jenny's Place and Judy's. Both shop owners are very sweet ladies and we got some super deals from them. Had to buy another suitcase for keepsakes so I am laughing at your luggage visual.

Fiesty girls are more fun right?

Jonni said...


BTW, the last pic looks like you are doing shots and the guy is keeping them coming. Too funny! :)

China Dreams said...

Sounds like a little tornado!


MissCarol said...

Gina and Gordon, hang in there.. It will all be good, just a trying time getting to know each other. She will soon feel the love and come running for each of you to feel loved.. Being parents is challenging to say the least, but can be very rewarding. I am praying for you all.. Love ya, Carol

Krishen said...

Oh my god, Gina, that story about bathtime was priceless. She sounds like a ball full of energy. So happy for you and Gordon.