Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around the island today

Inside our hotel "The White Swan"

Christine, Hannah and Mia this evening after dinner while the boys shopped.

Gordon & Jenny of jenny's place on Shamian Island

Jenny and her family

Today we spent another day walking around Shamian Island and had a wonderful dinner with Christine, John & Hannah.

Nothing too exciting to report tonight, Gordon did his usual bartering with the locals and Mia flailed around like a fish and won herself a few more bruises. While we were at dinner, which by the way was a Thai resturant (I hate Thai -but this was quite good) Mia decided to once again throw a holy fit at the dinner table and what happened???? You know this one by now people.....she swung her head around and WHAMO, she smacked it on the table. The entire resturant went quite-not kidding you, ask Christine or John - and it was like "THUD" then you could hear the "ugh" from everyone around us. I was soooooooooo embarassed, how can I keep this kid from harming herself?? I'm walking around with a sore jaw from her kicking me during diaper changes (not intentional on her part but damn she has perfect timing) and our daughter is completely bruised across her forehead and down both legs. This prescious little girl that came to us perfect without a scratch on her looks like a little tom-boy now. If you see us in the first few days home, honestly she did this to herself..........good lord I try to keep her still but she is a weeble and falls down, smacks her head and walks into things. We did manage to have a wonderful time with our friends, wish they lived closer. Why do 2 of my favorite blogger friends have to live in NY???

On another note, after dinner we strolled along the streets of Shamian Island, for those of you in Sarasota, it's kinda like St. Armands Circle only waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. We were told by another family that adopted to go visit jenny's shop for squeaky shoes (love me some squeaky shoes-you all will understand when we get home). I must tell you that if you are traveling to Shamian during your adoption, this is the shop to visit for squeaky shoes! Another family owned business and her husband and son were there tonight when we stopped in. While I was getting lost in the sound of squeaks, Mia bashing the cabinet doors open and closed and shoving little feets into shoes I heard a calming sound in the shop. Jenny's husband plays this kind of instrument called a Calabash flute and is blowing away this sweet tune that now has my full attention. Go ahead and Google it I'll wait for ya.......
The sound is so beautiful that I told Gordon to buy the CD that they sell in Jenny's store. As soon as I got back to the hotel I plunked that right in to my laptop and ahhhhhhh soothing sounds once again and lttle miss Mia got into her relaxaton mode-that would be 3 fingers into her mouth. It didn't take too long for Mia to fall a sleep. Daddy had gone back out to get some water and drinks but by the time he returned she was sleeping. Now sleeping Gordon carried her from our bed to the crib. After a few minutes he noticed Mia was sitting up and looking around, he went over to her and layed her head back on the pillow. Now normally Mia will totally freak when daddy comes around and she cannot see me but this time she just had a blank stare and went back to sleep without a sound. It looks like little Miss Mia could possibly be a sleep walker................OH NO, she is hell on wheels when awake-are we going to have trouble while she is sleeping to????? Oy Vey!!

Off to sleep now, finally had today and will have tomorrow to sleep in before our long flight HOME on thursday!!!!


Cora said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the island! I wish I would have bought more squeaky shoes they are adorable and a great price!!
Mia sounds like Chloe she runs and trips on everything but then gets back up and does it again.
Just wait, I thought we were seeing Chloe's personality in China but we only saw glimpses, 3 months from now you will be amazed at your Spicy Girl!
Take Care.

KBussell said...

Maybe some concealer will help the bruises :) Lookinf forward to you all coming home :)
Aunt Kerri

Jonni said...


Girl, it sounds like you guys have been keeping busy. That's awesome that you and Christine, John and Hannah got to have dinner. Mia sounds like she is settling in great and I hope poor baby girl doesn't bruise herself anymore. Just think, you should only have 1 more day after you get this note. So excited for yoi guys to get home with your sweet princess. BTW, can you let me know what size Mia is wearing and what her height amd weight were at the exam. Love you guys!