Friday, April 29, 2011

1 Week!

Today marks 1 week that we have been home with Mia. The time is flying by and Mia is getting into a daily routine already. She sleeps (no lie) 10-12 hours a night and takes a 1+ hour nap everyday. Mia is a very good eater and there is nothing she won't try and she wants to try everything, such a little food monger she is.

Slowly she is warming up to daddy but still wants "mama" as soon as she sees or hears me. I love that she is comforted by having me near her but hope soon she will share that feeling with daddy. Our big milestones are, wake daddy up with a smile and giggle (most days not all), let daddy feed her and daddy can play outside with her until mommy is done showering and drying her hair. You just dont know how good it feels to have 1/2 hour to myself. **Krista, get ready for this :) All kinds of crazy emotions one experiences with bringing home an almost 18 month little girl. Wow our lives really did change, for the good but it sure is a change from just Gordon & Gina.

Gordon is home for the next month with me then he will take off the last month when I return to work. We would like to keep Mia home as long as possible before placing her in daycare. I can't even beging to tell you how wonderful of a husband and daddy gordon has been, I love him even more everyday as I watch him with our Mia. I could not have done this without him.

Today we took Mia to get her ears pierced, that was fun! Seriously it took 3 adults to even mark her little earlobes and only a dangle of little goldfish crackers to pop an earing into those lobes. She was ticked off but it only lasted maybe 30 seconds and when food was offered she stopped crying and held out her hand for more crackers. **She is sweats like a lumberjack when she is upset too.

We did do some retail therapy for Mia at Old Navy prior to the ear piercing.

Isn't she adorable with those little earings :)

I am finally getting into Mia's groove and am able to get some things done while she naps in the afternoon. Gordon and I were even able to watch a movie the other night, OK I did fall asleep but we did have some quiet time when Mia went to bed. Jet lag is still affecting Mia and she wants to sleep anytime from 6pm to 10pm at night....think we are finally getting her on a schedule for 7:30-8pm

Yesterday was toy shopping day, that was a bit overwhelming (for us-not Mia). It is impossible to pick out toys for an 18month old.....everything we think she will like is for 3+ years old. Here is how we picked toys, take your child to the store and let her play with everything, when she goes back to a toy more than once-buy it. Mia enjoys playing with her Little People's SUV and building blocks. She also enjoys her V-tech (toy) cell phone that talks to her. If given the opportunity she even likes mamma's cell phone and called someone the otherday -when the phone was locked!!! Don't know how that happened but she likes all those flashy, noisy, shiny things.

**For the people that are so concerned that we held our daughter down to pierce her ears, re-read this post. We held her in my lap to mark her ears, she was fine for everything else. Any more negative comments will be removed. By the way, if you don't like how we raise our daughter don't read, follow or comment on our blog.

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KBussell said...

Love the earrings! Way too cute!
Aunt Kerri

Cora said...

She is so sweet! Chloe loves the leapfrog drum we just got her. She also has a couple of toys that are for 3+ but don't tell the toy police. The fisher price tea set is a hit too, she loves to pretend.

Christine said...

Too cute! Hannah is jealous and wants her ears pierced too.


Shelley said...

Sounds like things are getting a bit simpler as you all adjust. That's a blessing. Enjoy that little cherub of yours. She's absolutely adorable. (luv the sleeping pic ...sleeping babes always get me)

I love that you're able to work out your schedules to keep her at home. That time together is so valuable and you won't regret it. Don't get me wrong. Daycare is awesome too, especially when the time is right. And you'll know when Mia's ready to socialize more. And when she is, she'll just blossom.

Have fun!!!


BTW, I'm sure you read up on this so apologies if this is something you already know ...but don't be hurt if/when the pendulum swings the other way on which parent Mia prefers to comfort her. It happened to our friends. In China, it was ONLY Daddy. During the next 6 months, it became ONLY Mommy ...then Daddy ...

In the end ...over time all evens out.

But when the transition happened, I just remembered my friend getting feeling kinda blue about the whole thing. So just a heads up.

Michael and Tammy said...

I am absolutely loving reading your blog - I have been following since you were in China - so glad things seem to be going along so well. We ar lid agu 29 so we still have a ways to go but it is so exciting to read other people journey!!

By the way LOVE the earrings and good for you - they look adorable and she got over it LOL

Laurie said...

Oh my...Mia gets cuter every time you post!

You all are doing so well already! Still working on finding our sleep groove around here and I am so jealous of you all!

Keep updating us!

Special K said...

Uh oh... so I'll never have a moment to myself ever again? I think that's one of the hardest adjustments for those of us who do this later in life. We're so set in our ways and used to our freedom. I'm not gonna lie.. I'm a little scared. But I know in the end, 39 yrs of freedom and alone time will be worth giving up for my girl. :)

Looks like y'all are adjusting well. Mia is absolutely adorable. She already looks like she's always been there...with you and Gordon.

shelley said...

I think the sweating is from improper nutrition. Our girl was 18 months when she came home and would sweat ALL THE TIME. Once she got on a better diet in America it really began to decrease. She sure is a cutie thanks for letting us follow your journey.

China Dreams said...

Wow-ten to twelve hours of sleep is pretty amazing! Glad she's not a fussy eater and that things are going so well.


Jonni said...

Happy 1 week home Mia and thanks for the update Guna. Looks like things are going well. ♥♥♥