Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yep, she loves the pool!

This is the 2nd swimsuit little Mia had on before actually making entrance into the pool. The weather was so beautiful that Gordon thought we should introduce Mia to our pool & I agree it was a perfect day for it. I took our little princess to change out of her diaper and into a little 2 piece number (sans the diaper for her first swim). Thinking all was good, she already did all her business so no diaper was good....right??? I take her out the the pool, daddy is already in and just as I am about to place her into the pool Gordon says, "what's on her leg"? YES, she had decided business was not finished and I guess going commando was more than she could handle just yet & a swimsuit is no match for all her business. Back into the house we go, into the shower (oh yes, shower was a must for us both at this point) and into this blue once piece - back out we go. I tell you we certinally get a lot of laughs out of Mia's business. Oh and yes, commando again with no problems this time :)

She was so eager to get in the pool, I had to take quite the hold of her and place her in the floaty ring. We didn't expect it to be a hit with Mia but she loves the pool. YAY. Now I need to call my old roommate & see if she still does swim lessons.

Friday, April 29, 2011

1 Week!

Today marks 1 week that we have been home with Mia. The time is flying by and Mia is getting into a daily routine already. She sleeps (no lie) 10-12 hours a night and takes a 1+ hour nap everyday. Mia is a very good eater and there is nothing she won't try and she wants to try everything, such a little food monger she is.

Slowly she is warming up to daddy but still wants "mama" as soon as she sees or hears me. I love that she is comforted by having me near her but hope soon she will share that feeling with daddy. Our big milestones are, wake daddy up with a smile and giggle (most days not all), let daddy feed her and daddy can play outside with her until mommy is done showering and drying her hair. You just dont know how good it feels to have 1/2 hour to myself. **Krista, get ready for this :) All kinds of crazy emotions one experiences with bringing home an almost 18 month little girl. Wow our lives really did change, for the good but it sure is a change from just Gordon & Gina.

Gordon is home for the next month with me then he will take off the last month when I return to work. We would like to keep Mia home as long as possible before placing her in daycare. I can't even beging to tell you how wonderful of a husband and daddy gordon has been, I love him even more everyday as I watch him with our Mia. I could not have done this without him.

Today we took Mia to get her ears pierced, that was fun! Seriously it took 3 adults to even mark her little earlobes and only a dangle of little goldfish crackers to pop an earing into those lobes. She was ticked off but it only lasted maybe 30 seconds and when food was offered she stopped crying and held out her hand for more crackers. **She is sweats like a lumberjack when she is upset too.

We did do some retail therapy for Mia at Old Navy prior to the ear piercing.

Isn't she adorable with those little earings :)

I am finally getting into Mia's groove and am able to get some things done while she naps in the afternoon. Gordon and I were even able to watch a movie the other night, OK I did fall asleep but we did have some quiet time when Mia went to bed. Jet lag is still affecting Mia and she wants to sleep anytime from 6pm to 10pm at night....think we are finally getting her on a schedule for 7:30-8pm

Yesterday was toy shopping day, that was a bit overwhelming (for us-not Mia). It is impossible to pick out toys for an 18month old.....everything we think she will like is for 3+ years old. Here is how we picked toys, take your child to the store and let her play with everything, when she goes back to a toy more than once-buy it. Mia enjoys playing with her Little People's SUV and building blocks. She also enjoys her V-tech (toy) cell phone that talks to her. If given the opportunity she even likes mamma's cell phone and called someone the otherday -when the phone was locked!!! Don't know how that happened but she likes all those flashy, noisy, shiny things.

**For the people that are so concerned that we held our daughter down to pierce her ears, re-read this post. We held her in my lap to mark her ears, she was fine for everything else. Any more negative comments will be removed. By the way, if you don't like how we raise our daughter don't read, follow or comment on our blog.

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Back home pictures

Touch down @ Tampa Airport-HOME!

Giggles on Easter Sunday

She is attached to my leg-always

First steps in the sand and water @ Lido Beach

Some photos

A few photos from our trip

First time with Daddy

The Elders in the park

Gordon trying to keep up with the elders

City life

Thank goodness for McDonalds, it's tastes the same as home

Flights to and from China

Lunar moon day at the Temple

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saying goodbye....again

This morning Gordon had to help Moosey cross the Rainbow Bridge. We are fortunate to have had 2 wonderful Great Danes in our lives.

Moosey enjoyed meeting Mia and we think he even like to hear her just babbling around the house.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We arrived home Friday @ 00:30 in the morning and arrived at our home around 2am.

I will post more just as soon as I get caught up on things around the house. Still unpacking and trying to get Mia into some kind of routine, which by the way is almost impossible with the Jet lag we all have. Here she is having her first bath at home, she now loves bathtime.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Couch and heading home

This is our last post from China. It's been a very long 16 days here, we are so ready to come home with our Mia. We will be flying out tomorrow (Thursday 4.21.2011 @ 12:40pm) and will arrive @ 12:20 am Friday in Tampa. Let's all hope our little girl does well on this flight. How in the world do you entertain someone for that long????? **Yes Peanut, frazzled to say the least.

Tonight we took a few pics of Mia on the "Red Couch". For those of you not familiar with it, this is the couch in the White Swan Hotel that most all of the adoptiove parents take pictures of children prior to their departure home. There were only 2 us of in the Lifelink's referral group this month. Our travel partners Lindsay and her daughter grabbed an earlier flight out as soon as their visa arrived so it's just Mia on the couch. By the way, she is on to the camera. Everytime she hears it turn on her expressions change or she turns her head.

Working on Bonding with Daddy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around the island today

Inside our hotel "The White Swan"

Christine, Hannah and Mia this evening after dinner while the boys shopped.

Gordon & Jenny of jenny's place on Shamian Island

Jenny and her family

Today we spent another day walking around Shamian Island and had a wonderful dinner with Christine, John & Hannah.

Nothing too exciting to report tonight, Gordon did his usual bartering with the locals and Mia flailed around like a fish and won herself a few more bruises. While we were at dinner, which by the way was a Thai resturant (I hate Thai -but this was quite good) Mia decided to once again throw a holy fit at the dinner table and what happened???? You know this one by now people.....she swung her head around and WHAMO, she smacked it on the table. The entire resturant went quite-not kidding you, ask Christine or John - and it was like "THUD" then you could hear the "ugh" from everyone around us. I was soooooooooo embarassed, how can I keep this kid from harming herself?? I'm walking around with a sore jaw from her kicking me during diaper changes (not intentional on her part but damn she has perfect timing) and our daughter is completely bruised across her forehead and down both legs. This prescious little girl that came to us perfect without a scratch on her looks like a little tom-boy now. If you see us in the first few days home, honestly she did this to herself..........good lord I try to keep her still but she is a weeble and falls down, smacks her head and walks into things. We did manage to have a wonderful time with our friends, wish they lived closer. Why do 2 of my favorite blogger friends have to live in NY???

On another note, after dinner we strolled along the streets of Shamian Island, for those of you in Sarasota, it's kinda like St. Armands Circle only waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. We were told by another family that adopted to go visit jenny's shop for squeaky shoes (love me some squeaky shoes-you all will understand when we get home). I must tell you that if you are traveling to Shamian during your adoption, this is the shop to visit for squeaky shoes! Another family owned business and her husband and son were there tonight when we stopped in. While I was getting lost in the sound of squeaks, Mia bashing the cabinet doors open and closed and shoving little feets into shoes I heard a calming sound in the shop. Jenny's husband plays this kind of instrument called a Calabash flute and is blowing away this sweet tune that now has my full attention. Go ahead and Google it I'll wait for ya.......
The sound is so beautiful that I told Gordon to buy the CD that they sell in Jenny's store. As soon as I got back to the hotel I plunked that right in to my laptop and ahhhhhhh soothing sounds once again and lttle miss Mia got into her relaxaton mode-that would be 3 fingers into her mouth. It didn't take too long for Mia to fall a sleep. Daddy had gone back out to get some water and drinks but by the time he returned she was sleeping. Now sleeping Gordon carried her from our bed to the crib. After a few minutes he noticed Mia was sitting up and looking around, he went over to her and layed her head back on the pillow. Now normally Mia will totally freak when daddy comes around and she cannot see me but this time she just had a blank stare and went back to sleep without a sound. It looks like little Miss Mia could possibly be a sleep walker................OH NO, she is hell on wheels when awake-are we going to have trouble while she is sleeping to????? Oy Vey!!

Off to sleep now, finally had today and will have tomorrow to sleep in before our long flight HOME on thursday!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Consulate appointment DONE!

A quick shot as she was climbing up my legs-again! Playing with the leaves outside the White Swan Michael Lin of Michael's Place on Shamian Island (Have your laundry done here-tell him BabyMia sent ya!) Super nice guy.
Having Tea with Dong at Susan's Place on Shamian Island

**8pm here in can now add 3 bruises across Mia's forehead. Didn't I tell you she was table height and ready to run??? While at dinner she was flailing around and "pinged" her head twice smack dab on the top of the table. The other one ??? Right on top of her bruise from yesterday, man this girl is fiesty. She has been trying her momma out and yesterday she almost won but Gordon was sweet enough to stay in the hotel with her while I left for a few hours to re-charge my brain. Remember that Mia and daddy haven't quite bonded yet and everytime I am out of her sight she screams her head off. So I left for about 2 hours and when I returned Gordon tells me that Mia stood at the door with her hands up over her head touching the door whaling for atleast 1/2 hour then he noticed that once she was quiet she was actually falling asleep while standing there. I knew something was up when I opened the door and found a crib blocking the entry way, he had to block the door to keep her corraled in the room so she wouldnt get hurt AGAIN. Marble floors in this hotel room.

Oh and before I forget...Mia....wild child....pulled over the play basketball hoop in the playroom smacking Hannah in the right eyebrow/temple area. I no longer got the words out of my mouth talking to Christine about how many bruises Mia had and did Hannah have any to which she replied no.......Mia made sure she has a twin hanging around the hotel with her sporting the new buise she gifted Hannah with. Christine & John I am soooooo sorry.

I know Gordon will want me to share this story with you also...last night I was preparing a bath for Mia. We were both in the bathroom, me knealing at the tub, Mia all naked just standing and touching everything in sight when I hear her make a different babble noise. I turn and see that she had pooped on the floor, steped in it and was now slipping and sliding around on the floor. I yelled out for Gordon to come in and help-he was on the computer Skyping with his parents ( the end of that conversation must have been interesting). He came into the bathroom, by this time I has grabbed Mia, fully dressed and now with the added bonus of baby poo...anyway he helped to clean her off before we plunked her into the tub. We both just started to laugh so hard that Gordon had tears.

OK, enough fun for 24 hours.....hope tomorrow is not as eventfull. Oh there are more stories to tell but I dont have the energy to type them out. Lots to share when we get home.

Saturday, April 16, 2011