Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Do you all realize we leave for China in 5 days???? I can't sleep. Let me tell you I am a sleeper, a very sound sleeper too - no so much now.

Tonight I was texting with a blogger buddy about her upcoming referral and sending care packages, she is so very close and I just can't wait to see her have all the fun & emotions that accompany the referral call. So, I finish up and think it's time for sleep, get into bed, turn the cell on silent and close my eyes, husband is already sound asleep after getting in to bed 10 minutes before me. Whatever happened to those nights when you were just getting ready to go out for the night at 9:30pm? 2 minutes later my eyes are open and 10,000 things are running thru my head, did I pack the soap? baby wipes? Did I put that in my report today? What time will I feed the baby? What does she eat? What day is it? Tomorrow I need to call the travel agent, social worker...and the list just keeps going...... OH please make my brain turn off like it used to back before our referral, I am so exhausted by morning and we haven't even brought Mia home yet.

Am I excited? Yes.......ready? ummmmmmmmm describe ready?

Traveling to 3 provinces in China makes it a bit challenging to pack. In Beijing it is colder than the southern provinces we will be in & checking the weather daily isn't helping. One day it says the high will be 75degrees then the next day the high will be in the 50's. Now in Guangzhou the highs are like here in FL up in the mid 80's....this is quite a difference and is making me crazy trying to pack light. We are allowed 50lb bags in the US when traveling but in China the weight limit is 44lbs per bag (the suitcases weigh 12 lbs empty) Yea, this is fun :) Right now my staircase looks like a closet, everytime I think of something I need to pack it goes on the staircase. Mia's bag is packed and all of her items are now in one of our larger bags (moved from a small roll on suitcase) which leaves us 1 bag for the both of us to pack for 18 days. We really do have that much for her....formula, snacks, clothing, shoes, bath soap, medications, medical supplies, toys..........way overkill but I feel we need this for her.

Thank you to all of the other blogger mommies that have traveled to China before us, without your help we would be so very lost and if I ever needed an answer to something quick RQ has been our lifeline. I started this blog to journal our 18 month wait (yes that what it started out to be) and it has in turn introduced me to some amazing people over the past 4 years and 10 months. Hopefully someone that is just thinking about what the adoption process is all about has stumbled upon our blog and maybe it has helped them the same way that we have been helped. (Too tired to rephrase that but you know what I'm saying) For everyone else that feels they can judge us for our decision to adopt from China - Don't.......we're not interested in why you think we should be doing something else.

What a long road we have traveled to reach this point. It is hard to believe this is actually happening.

We hope to blog from China, our VPN is all set up and ready to go.

The countdown continues......................I think I am going to try that sleep thing again now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


April 7th we will be treking up the Great Wall of China and on April 11th we will finally get to meet our daughter!!
Our agency has arranged for us tour China as we move from province to province. We will defiantely be "on the move" everyday while there. I will try and post to Blogger as we move around.
***RQ friends......we will have our pin from Biofrog on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Travel Dates!

Leaving on a HUGE jet plane! Tickets are booked, we need to be in Beijing on April 7th.

It's finally happening!!!
Yes, we will be Blogging and using Skype while in China.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Shower

First Breakdown of the day...and it was over baby forks & spoons......... The gang and our gifts...
Showing Kerri the giraffe...
Entertainment in between opening gifts...........
The cake table with a pretty Asian parasol (now in Mia's room)....
Handmade blankie by my cousin Emily...............2nd one she has made for me. Now I have to decide on which one to take to China.
Getting ready to open gifts.......................

My partner thought it would be "fun" to wrap her gift a few times for us.........
Our helpers, Tyler & Zack.........................
Yay, we got our stroller..........................
Magnolia doll from Gordon's sister.....................
Which gift should we open next.....................
My beautiful cake......................
yep..............another breakdown..............
Here are a few pictures of Sunday's baby shower that my partner Kerri & our best friends Steve & Denise hosted for us. I can't tell you how many times I broke down and cried during the shower, my emotions are just crazy right now & I was so moved by the friends that came out to share our special day with us.

OK, now you cn click the pictrues for a larger view.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

TA !

3/10/2011: Today we received Travel Approval (came to the agency yesterday and it was sent off to Hong Kong for our Consulate appointments. Our agency says next Monday or Tuesday we should have our appointment dates then it's time to book our flights! Maybe now would be a good time to start packing?

Here is another picture of Mia that a new Blogger friend took when she was in Chenzhou back in October picking up her little girl from the same SWI as our Mia. I've had this photo from the first day I posted our referral photos, Lisa contacted me that very night with pictures of our little girl. I also was given pictures of Mia from last June/July that were taken by some missionaries and given to Lisa when she visited the SWI (see below). You can click on the link and it will take you to Lisa's blog.

We're coming for you Mia!

3/10/11: Earthquake in China Click link to read more

As if I wasn't nervous enough, this is too close for me. Please keep the people of Yingjiang (in the Yunnan Province) in your thoughts.